Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Alpine Easter Walk

This year my mom & I took Elise down to the Alpine Easter Walk.
It was not worth the hour+ drive, but if we lived closer and for those who live in the area, it would be a great little Easter tradition. 
The drive down wasn't too bad, Elise fell asleep.  On the way back, Ellie was the Moana DJ, picking which songs to listen to (or basically the same couple of songs).
 There was also a little shed that was playing the bible videos
 A tomb...

 She loved the sheep!

 An alter..
The cross... 

On our way out, we spotted the Alpine Arts Center and made a stop to get the wiggles out. Ellie loved running to all the animals over and over.

 They all needed hugs...

 And kisses...
 And of course Grandma was with us, so dinner at Wendy's.

They also do a live nativity during Christmas.  We stopped to look at the camels, Elise was fascinated by them.  It might be more worth it for the Christmas visit than the Easter one.  Either way it was a fun afternoon.

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