Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Paul Bunyan's Woodpile to Ghost Towns

Halloween Day 10/31

Here's what our campground looked like, it's a very nice spot- wouldn't mind camping there again.
Ragnar stole that stick out of the pile Derek collected for the fire.

Ragnar on sentry duty...

And it turns out we were just at the bottom of the "parking lot" for the woodpile!

BLM isn't giving this area any love...

Good luck trying to find the trail that leads to the top.. we followed a truck road and headed towards the pile.  You can see it from the trail head. 

Ragnar vs. the salt lick...

Next stop, Tintic Peak..
Which was basically hiking straight uphill on an atv trail, then you had to leave the trail & bushwhack it up to the peak to where the benchmark is.  The mileage all depends on where you want to leave your car, technically we could've driven all the way to the top... Derek still has to edit the video.

Elevation: 8,214
Elevation Gain over 1.5 miles (one way): 1,276
That's Mt. Nebo just to the right of the cross

Derek found a coyote skull and took it home to show the nephews. 

Ghost Town Hunting on Halloween! 
Silver City.. the mine has become active again and from the looks of it, pushed their land ownership up more.  There were big "No Trespassing" signs so we didn't get too far.
This area however, was right off of HWY 6 & super fun to explore.
Just had to be careful of mine shafts...

Ragnar was the only one brave enough to explore this tunnel.

The Tintic Standard Reduction Mill...

Off HWY 6 around Goshen Valley, down a road we didn't see a sign for but it leads right towards the mountains (you can see the mill from the road).  Park and then roughly a half mile walk/hike.

Look at this dog.. such a happy doggie...

There were lots of really cool tags, but then some less fortunate person tagged a super inappropriate thing over it so I couldn't take a photo of it.  Also SUPER sorry if there is something inappropriate in any of the photos that I didn't catch.

Our original plans were to camp for both nights, but instead decided to settle on just the one night & then spend the rest of the night watching movies & being non-stinky. That and we wanted ice cream :)

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Devils Kitchen to Eureka

Halloween 2015.
What's more Halloween-y than going Ghost Town hunting!!

 Friday 10/30
We got a late start to the day but since we weren't going far it didn't matter.
 Someone was very excited to go adventuring!

First stop was the Nebo Loop Byway to The Devils Kitchen.
Devils Kitchen.. very Halloween-y.

 It was VERY cold at 8351 - 8372 feet.. and I wasn't ready for it so I slipped on my car sweats (sweats that stay in the car for emergencies like this) and Derek's other jacket.  He said I looked like a hobo.

 Had a picnic lunch..

 They say it's like a Little Bryce Canyon...
the hodos part yes, but these rock formations were more conglomerate. 

 We went on a little hike, Ragnar wanted to naw on this tree..
Then chew the ice off the platform.. 
Example of super erosion...

Turkeys! HUGE TURKEYS!!!!! (I thought they were boulders.. then they started moving..)
 Tons of little turkeys!!!

Now taking the "scenic" way out.. HWY 132 towards Delta

 Made it to Eureka.. 
 The "Destroying Angel's" Cabin
again.. very halloween-y

 Loved this church

 Main Street
 Grade School

We tried to find Paul Bunyan's woodpile, but ended up traveling down random dirt roads.  It was getting late so we turned down another dirt road and EUREKA! We found the BLM sign, we were on the right road.  We drove for a bit, saw a spot we liked and set up camp. We spent the night telling ghost stories and getting stepped on by Ragnar (we camped in the car).