Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Goals 2014: Temples

New Year, Same Temple Goal...
those far out temples like Manti and Vernal and Monticello didn't make it to the list last year.
So hopefully this year it will be a different story!

January: Brigham City, Sealing's
We also didn't get to go in because I'm super smart and left my wallet at home, Derek leaving his temple bag at home as well.  Lucky for us the Temple Recorder quickly pulled up my records and our Bishop, he got me all cleared to go! Then the workers let Derek borrow a kit that they normally let missionaries use.  The workers did everything they could to make sure we stayed to do the work.
The Sealing's were awesome! Before each page the Sealer would have us listen for a certain phrase or for an answer to his question. It made it all the more special!

February: Logan, Endowment
Tried to convince the boys to do baptisms but they both wouldn't have it! They slip and slide all over the font! It was our first time seeing one of the new films (past months have been short trips).  Still not sure how I feel about it, and it seems like some of the words are different- like new information different.
March: Draper, Endowment
Barely made it to the last session and it was worth it!  We finished the female family names that Aunt Marj sent in this session, just a few male names and sealing's! It's exciting! I love the depth the art on the ceilings have!
Here we also solved the puzzle of what one of the temple stamps were on one of the name cards: Ciudad Juarez, México
March part Deux: St. George
Since I was in St. George for the race, I went down an extra day so I could go to the temple with Dani.  As the day went on things kept pushing back my trip, but I made it down in time for the last session. Best part was that during my race the following morning, as I took in the beauty all around me, I couldn't help but think of certain things that were said during the creation :)

Vernal, Manti, and Monticello trips are in the planning now! :)

The Hydropouch

After basically a year of anticipation and months of "training"...
The Zion Half Marathon finally happened!
I use the term "training" loosely because ever since that apple ambush, progress has been slow.
 You know if you can't do jumping jacks it's just sad! ;)
I went down Thursday and stayed with the Hardings/Johnsons- they're so awesome!
After a shake out run I went up to Cedar City to have lunch with a friend... and hit up the SUU bookstore lol I also stopped by the PE building to see some old professors.  All but one where out of their offices, the one that was there: Doc. Taylor, my favorite :)
We spent about an hour talking and I couldn't believe that she remembered me! It's been 6 years since graduation! I felt pretty dang special :)
Oh yeah... I'm part of the "Coaching Factory" 
Car Issues
Packet Pick
The morning came very quickly.
It was a little chilly and windy waiting to start, but they had a huge warming tent and we stayed in there until the last possible moment.
The miles flew by! And the view was breath-taking! I absolutely LOVE Zion's!
When I lived in St. George I went almost every weekend,
I miss having it so close :s
Then mile 5.58 happened-
The sudden and overwhelming urge to use the lou...
waited in line for 10 minutes... ok really 9 minutes
Thanks Body... Thanks A LOT!
At least it was right before the big hill so with that drama out of the way it was easy to make up time.
Thank goodness I know how to take advantage of hills!
The more Zion came into view, the more I kept thinking about the night before in the temple.
If this world, especially Zion's, is considered the "lone and dreary world", what is it going to look like after the Second Coming?
I can't even imagine it!
Then mile 11.5 came, my ankle wasn't doing so well- I lost feeling in my foot and pretty sure the blood flow was starting to stop. So I stopped and walked for half a mile. It pains me to have to HAVE to walk in a race- especially since that was the only part where people passed me (besides the potty wait). 
But I rather suffer that than another surgery.
The last mile and half was a painful one.
But I finished, dehydrated from not being smart enough to figure out the hydropouch, but I finished.
I loved it. One to do again!
My friends did amazing too! And Leslie's little family was there to support Josh- the kids were tired of course and more than willing to share my food with me.  They're so stinkin cute!
Josh, Me, Weir, Jared
Our "injury" photo... (Josh's calf was causing problems, I don't know what Weir was doing)
After the run I decided that it wasn't a good idea for my ankle to hike Angel's landing.  Derek was so relieved- he's so cute. So instead we did the Trifecta hikes. Dani and Bryan came hiking with us too- Dani brought me some Orange Peel too! One reason why she's the best!
The Riverside Walk
Doesn't it look like a nose? I was even runny...
Former Teammates still running together-ish
Can you see the climbers?
Canyon Overlook
First time I have EVER seen big horned sheep in the park! So cool!
Posing with race bib and finisher medal was required for the Trifecta Club so I wasn't the only weirdo posing like this lol
Kolob Canyon (Timber Creek Overlook)
It was an amazing weekend! I love seeing my friends down there and spending time in Zion National Park! Josh & Jared are now doing the Yellowstone Half with me! Woot woot!
2 months to master the Hydropouch.
Bonus part: I got my America The Beautiful Parks Pass