Friday, September 23, 2016

August 2016

The Month of August

My mom's birthday:

An Epic hiking day in Snowbird with my friend Lisa


Have you ever seen Where Eagles Dare...?

A before school starts camping trip with Derek in the high unitahs
Ragnar spent the ride home in a starring contest...

Before school starts hike with Andrea and Richard to see the Full Blood Moon

Found a peach tree on one of my running routes. 
Best. Thing. Ever.

My "Parents" got a new dog Taz.
Pitbull/Sharpe mix. Sweetest thing ever.
He's basically Austin's dog.

Library book sale was kind of a dud this year, but we got ice cream afterwards so that makes it a win.

Books Read
Rise of the Dragons #1 by Morgan Rice
Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
Morning Star #3 by Pierce Brown
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne
Salem's Lot by Stephen King
King Author and His Knights byMurray Mckeehan
Choke by ChuckPalahniuk

July 2016

The month of July

RSL vs. Inter Milan
The Habit for dinner where Jordan ate to much 
and "drank" to much fry sauce,
which led to this:
 and this.. which eventually led to throwing up while walking down to the stadium.

 Don't worry he recovered quickly!
Ran into my friend Lisa!
 That's not sunscreen he's holding.. he's drinking out of it.

While James had to help a chicken, Ellie came inside to watch silly songs and have a pudding cup.
It was her idea.

I had to "break" into JeNae's house to make sure her kids were ok while they were at a soccer game.
No one was answering the phone, I was the pounding on the door/windows.
They were all passed out.

Derek being so manly and fixed the Xterra.

Ice Cream and the bird refuge

Derek took Jordan on a backpacking trip for his birthday.

 Ranger promptly took a nap here while we cleaned out the car
The Video:

Root Beer float night- round 2.
Winner: Virgils.
 and some science fun with crushing cans!

Books Read:
The Lost Symbol #3 by Dan Brown
Inferno #4
The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson
Saint Odd #7 by Dean Koontz
The Science Of Evil by Simon Baron-Cohen
Staked #8 by Kevin Hearne
The Fate Of Ten #6 by Pittacus Lore

Yellowstone 2016

Jaxson was lucky enough to come with us this year. 
We all had loads of fun!

FOX!!! With it's dinner in it's mouth

Working on his JR. Scientist/JR. Ranger 

Jaxson was so excited to help turn in these horrid people to the park rangers.
It looks like a face..

Jaxson filming his own videos

Derek splurged and got us all ice cream.
I did tell Jaxson to fix his hair...

Doggies are above the law...

Dead mouse..

Our Spot.. 5 years later and finally not under water!

The 2nd coyote we saw.. he was so cute!

Getting sworn in!

Jax trying to sleep on the way home...
 Derek's family does this fishing game and other stuff for the 4th and they even let Jaxson play.
He won those funny glasses.

One day Derek will have the video done and then I'll upload it...