Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Springs Day 2

Friday 10/16:

Cog Rail Ride to Pike's Peak.
Since we've both been to the Peak before, and we wanted to save our engine and brakes, and Derek didn't think that the biking adventure of the Peak would be worth it, so we rode the train! (Maybe next time we go I can talk him into biking the Peak!)
 Going up!

 We passed by a herd of Big Horned Sheep.  All but one, could care less about us, but that one.. that one starred down the train the entire pass (on the way back down too).

 At the top!
 A lovely view of The Black Forest...

 Time to go back down...

Our Conductor was awesome! He had such corny jokes but made the trip up and down that much more fun and the history stories that much more interesting!

After a long lunch, we headed to Seven Waterfalls!

 I enjoyed this tree's roots...
 You could ride the elevator to the overlook...
 But we climbed the stairs instead!
 View of the falls from the overlook...
 And their names...

 Now to climb more stairs!

 Time to hike some at the top!

 The Zip-line...

 And the trail was closed.  Super Lame Sauce. 
 Seven Falls was fun, but it's more of a "one and done" adventure...

Then it was dinner at The Airplane Restaurant!
A legit USAF KC-97 from the Texas National Guard

 Derek LOVED playing in the cockpit, I had to pull him away since our food was ready.

 The food wasn't the best (the sweet potato fries were AMAZING however, but Derek said playing in the plane made up for the food).

An adventure filled day that was also rather lazy and relaxing!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Springs Day 1

This year UEA paired up nicely with Derek's off week (Derek switched back to swings from graveyards), so to celebrate actually getting to be able to spend quality time together and the #4, we went to Colorado Springs!

Thursday 10/15:
Dropped the puppy off at the folks and we drove off!

 Somewhat after crossing state lines (Wyoming was rather boring and counting antelope can only entertain so much), we decided to take a pit stop at this little abbey.

 The sign says "Gentle Cattle on Road"
 I moo'd at them for Shaunee. 

 Of course with our timing, we hit Denver rush hour traffic.  NB side was far worse but still.
Quick dinner was had at Fazoli's. I don't think I've even seen a Fazoli's since the one in St. George closed and became a Five Guys.

Checked into the hotel room...
and had to re-make the bed. Let's just say that the hotel is sending me a certificate for a 2-night stay to make up for this. And the fact that Derek had to clean out their hot tub so we could use it.

Pretty non-exciting first day! 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Thunder rolling in the Big Sky!

The Annual In-State Rivalry


Tailgate party put on by the Alumni Association 
(even got a free Alumni shirt and a SUU banner to hang in my classroom!)
Burgers, Hot Dogs, Pizza, Chips... the boys were loving it!

My cute dates for the evening.

The bestest Ball-Boy!
It was like a "Where's Waldo" for the boys, the entire game they kept looking for dad/grandpa & got super excited whenever they did see him.

This guy was awesome!

 Jaxson wanted his own photo

After a few close calls, and several SUU interceptions of WSU passes...
 SUU was victorious!
2015: 44-0 W
2014: 31-28 W
2013: 27-21 W
2012: 22-24 L
2011: 35-28 W
SUU moves up into the Big Sky Conference..

Such a great night! The boys had so much fun! 
And I LOVED seeing my T-Birds in action again!
And a few other alumni who claimed they recognized me but I had no clue who they were...
it was awkward...