Sunday, February 23, 2014

Goals of 2014: Books

Last year Tyler and Kris had a goal to read 52 books in the year.
I really liked the idea so I stole it for one of our goals for 2014.
Books must be over 100 pages to count.
I can get a lot of reading done over the summer- esp. of books that I want to read, rather the YA magical books my students like to read (still expect to see some of those books on this list since I'll be reading some of the same books as a few students to encourage them to read more).
Derek is reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy.. well listening to it while he is at work.
Here's what I've read thus far..
I've also attached the good reads link to the book so I don't have to summarize what it's about:
Adventurers Wanted: Albrek's Tomb, by M.L. Forman
Considering the age group it's written for, I rather quite enjoyed this book.  Although I have noticed a trend with this series that it's not about the "Main Event" or main battle (which is kind of anti-climatic), it's the journey the main character Alex goes through.

Number the Stars by Lois Lowry
We read this book as a class in part of our 11 million steps project.  This story is a work of fiction HOWEVER, it is based on true events and stories of the Danish role during WWII.

Nathaniel Cade Series by Christopher Farnsworth
Blood Oath pg.390
The President's Vampire pg.337
Red, White, & Blood pg.383
3 books thus far for this series. Super easy reads since it only took me 2 days to read each one- not full days either. If you're into vampires this is an interesting view point- no he doesn't sparkle.
A friend suggest this series to me and I rather enjoyed it- can't wait for book #4 to come out.

Seven American Deaths and Disasters by

Unwind series book #1
I saw this book on one of those book lists and was intrigued. Turned out a few of my students have read this book and highly recommended it- that could be good or horridly, tragically wrong.
It's a keeper!
Kris even read this book with me.  I stayed up all night reading it so I could talk to Kris about it (she's a super fast reader). I loved it.  And it also TOALLY CREEPED ME OUT! Seriously check this one out.. the creepy part is this "unwinding" could totally happen in our future if the nation continues to keep on losing it's moral principles. I'm on the hold list at the library waiting for the next 2 books!

Book Total: 9
Week # 9.. the start of that is.
Page Totals: 2,863

Valentines 2014

This year for Valentines I decided to do the 14 days of Valentines for Derek since I was not sure as to how the Simplot Games were going to shake down and I wanted to make sure that Derek still got little special something's.
Most of them were Minecraft themed to which led to some cute flirting while at work- which to me was the best part of the first have of them month :)
Then came Valentines day and the stress of "Am I or aren't I" going to spend all day and night in Idaho... ended up not having to have to go to ISU so I was able to
make (well experiment) with dinner.
Lemon Berry Chicken in a puffed pastry
Apple Pie Roses
Derek loved it.
Nailed it.
(Some are not pictured)
I love being able to spend time with Derek on his off week- I miss him a lot every other week. He got me flowers, chocolate, AND hot cocoa- that's the best part.
Derek knows how to comfort me when he's not home :)