Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Arizona Christmas 2016 Part 3

Friday Dec. 30

Haha! That's like halfway in elevation for Ogden!

It seems I'm always wearing a RSL shirt whenever we visit this park...

Lunch stop at Sonic...

Gun Safety Lesson

Saturday Dec.31 New Years Eve
Shooting Day!

 We had a good couple of hours by ourselves and then people started showing up.
We kept on shooting but then it got to the point where everyone wanted to go, which I was happy about because the people showing up were not people you wanted to be around loaded guns with.
They needed Derek's gun safety lesson for sure!

Sunday Jan. 1 New Years Day
The drive home..

Horseshoe Bend to stretch our legs

We were going to go all the way out to Bryce Canyon, but it had some dark scary clouds over it so we nixed that side trip and headed home. 

Arizona Christmas 2016 Part 2

Thursday Dec. 29

Devil's Bridge hiking day!
CRAZY busy and wet/snowy/icy! Totally worth it! 
 The Ionic Christmas tree along the way..
 "Restricted Covenants Enforced"

 The ONLY Not Golden Arches in the world
(it was on our way out and bathroom stop)

And of course.. Minecraft!