Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Living Planet Aquarium

Because we're so excited for February we wanted to get our water animals on!
And because I took too many photos, I wanted them all in one post for my own reference :)
 This guy was so funny,. skimming the top of the water with his face..

Racing Stingray in the petting pond.. 
the worker didn't know why he was doing it..

Turtle doing a head-stand...
he was like that for a good chunk of time.

The best part.. but so much more faster than what my poor little phone could capture

Wood Day 3

Saturday Oct. 22nd

In the morning we stopped and mined some topaz and then continued on our way along the Pony Express Trail and made a stop at Simpson Springs campground.
There was a caravan of bikers there too and later found out from some friends that that campground is rather nice to camp at.

 Derek was just sooooo excited..

Lots of dirt road driving and dead bunnies... but this weekend was a lot of fun celebrating 5 years :)

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Oregon Trail... TRAIL!!!!!

For Ragnar's adaption anniversary, we decided to take her out camping so that way she can run free and chase small animals.  Derek picked a spot out in the Cedar Mountain Wilderness that just so happens to be apart of THE Oregon Trail!!!
I didn't realize that the trail was so close, and I kinda had a little bit of a nerdy freak out about it.
Derek just giggled and Ragnar didn't even pay attention because she was too busy barking at the cows..

 I love my little family

Wood Day 2

Friday October 21st:

We camped by Wheeler Peak.. 10,000ft is pretty cold...
How cool is my new tent?!!!!
A little river ran through our camp that was partly frozen when we got up in the morning.
Then we hiked the Bristle Cone Trail to Glacier.
I just love how twisted the trees are!!


 SUPER SMOOTH tree.. I wanted to take it home with me.

This tree looks like it's singing..

 Thumbs up from nature!

 5 years celebrated with 5,000 year old trees...

 Some of the art on the drive up to the park... 
Only a mile out of the way and kind of worth it..

Derek and his comb..

only an hour away from Great Basin

Then we spent the night by Topaz Mtn and the Dougway Geode Beds... it was dark by the time we got there and then when we set up camp it was perfect for star gazing.  Here's our view of the Pony Express 100/50 miler race