Sunday, February 5, 2017

January 2017

January 2017

Ragnar chased some cats and when they crossed the street she just laid down and was sad...
 Under her neck where her fur is white (not from the snow) is all swollen and puffy from playing too rough with a doggie friend of hers.
And this puncture wound on her inner thigh.  This is the wound after it has healed a bit.

Hanna and Cole FINALLY got married :)

 Keelie, Hanna, Me, and Katie.
Friends since Jr. High..

James gave Ragnar an elk leg.. she was in heaven.

MLK day I took Ragnar to the mountains to play in the snow.
She had a blast and the deep snow wore her out.  
We were lucky to have a spot without any skiers.

Did some science with Madi
 Reading break while waiting for plaster to dry.

Participated in my first ever readaton- 24in48.
The goal was to read 24 hours (nonconsecutive) over a 48 hour period.
I woke up super early Saturday to start and I barely made it finishing at 11pm Sunday.
But I won a book (not sure which one yet) so that made it worth it.
This is "just rolling out of bed needing to take a book selfie to enter a contest" photo.

Waffle night at the Nelson's.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Hardware Ranch

Finally went up to Hyrum to take a sleigh ride to see the elk with Tyler and Kris.
Only took me 18 years to make it up there... 

But first.. Waffles!

 Bird chillin on this cow's back..

Our driver said there was 600 elk in this meadow.

 This bull and cow were having.. "words"...

And finally...
THE MONSTER.. 36 inches of pizza!

The pizza with Tyler's head for scale...

 Derek in a pizza coma..