Saturday, August 20, 2011

Engagement Pictures

These were some of our Favs!

Wedding Updates!

And so the wedding countdown continues..

I started this blogg so that friends and family who do not live near us can feel like they are still in the loop with wedding planning.. well.. here is what we have got going on thus far!
The Date: October 21, 2011 @ the Oquirrh Mtn Temple :) Yes Oquirrh Mtn.. you can thank JeNae for putting that idea in my head. I did want Bountiful for the longest time but with Ogden being closed and everyone going to Bountiful.. I decided against it. I don't want to be rushed on one of the most important days of my life. I want to savor each moment as I am sealed to my best friend to time and all eternity :) I seriously can't wait.. I love Derek so much it's like I really did find my other half :)

The Dress.. as much as I would like to post a picture of my awesome threads it's best not because I want to stay traditional and not let Derek see it til the wedding. I will say this: it is amazing!!! And there may or may not be polka dots involved lol Now here is part of the dress buying experience.. My pose included: my mom, JeNae & Kris (Matrons of Honor) and one of my bff's Shaun (One of my Maids of Honor). I had already tried some amazing dresses on at Davids Bridal but they are $$$$ for not so temple ready dresses. So we went to The Fairy Godmother down in SlC (same place JeNae got hers). I ALMOST BECAME A BRIDEZILLA!!!!!!!! The owner.. wow.. if I had to do it over again I WOULD NOT get my dress from there. 3 reasons why.. #1: I am not wearing a veil and she chased me around the fitting room trying to put one on me to "complete the look". I informed her nicely that I am not wearing one and so it ruins my "look". She was not nice. #2: Telling me I can't wear my wedding dress in the temple. My mom called the temple and guess what??!! I totally can :) #3: tying to talk me into getting an Ivory dress over white.. "7 to 1 brides get Ivory".. that's nice I WANT A WHITE DRESS!!!! Seriously.. this lady! Don't get me wrong I love my dress, however, I felt I looked good in every dress I tried on so it wouldn't have been a big deal to walk away if I would have taken the time to look closer at my dress.. the makeup on the inside (and no it's not mine, if you're my friend you know I don't cake on foundation!) the loose threads, the random BLUE THREAD on the top which my mom is certain we can hide with my name-tag lol

The Venue.. as much as I would love to have a venue I just don't have the funds for it. Renting is no problem.. they just trap you with having to have to buy their food! So we looked into the Riverdale Senior Center.. bad choice for anyone who has style and taste!!!! So Stake Center it is!!! 

Decor.. I found two amazing Decor companies: LK Events and Legacy Weddings- both didn't tell me no when I said I wanted full draping to cover the walls and basketball hoops. LK Events however was out of my price range so Legacy Weddings it is! And I am extremely happy with my choice! She is so nice and loves the fact that I want hints of zebra print at my reception. I am so excited to work with her! Companies I would rec-amend NOT to work with: Something Borrowed- the lady told me no on full draping and said if I tried to cover basketball hoops it will just make ppl want to look at them more. Plus she didn't get the concept of I DO NOT WANT THAT UGLY FAKE GREENERY ANYWHERE AT MY WEDDING!!!!!!!! Sheesh! Also Utah Wedding Decor & More- that lady was so snobby and totally ignored me after our sit-down meeting. I was willing to put her on the list of "think abouts" but she totally ignored me. Not good business i say.

The Food.. the most awesomeness Moon family is all over the cupcakes! Since I was little I always wanted cupcakes.. luckily they have became a fad recently so it makes getting stands and whatnots cheaper.  There will also be other "food" there.. the goal is to get everyone on a sugar high :)

The Cake.. will be a 3 tiered "dummy" cake with real cake as the 4th tier.. again I want that tradition of having the top layer on our first year anniversary :)

The Photos.. my awesome sister JeNae, took our engagement photos which I hope to post some as soon as I figure out how lol My Bridals and wedding day photos will be covered by Studio 1's wedding section Victoria James? They are amazing and we got an extremely sweet deal with the price!

The Video.. I was against this at first, but after my mom talked me into it and Derek wanting one I started to look into companies and now I want one! We are going to go with Master Piece Images. They are a local company and have been around for some time. Plus they offer a money back guarantee which I think is a good sign. Plus the guy was so nice and even gave his opinions of the other companies I was looking into- all good feedback. What won me over was not only the guarantee but the fact he took the time to HAND WRITE a "novel" of a thank you card for just meeting with him. Thank is what you call a man who knows how to get business lol

The Announcements.. will be ordered to print on Monday the 22nd.. they look amazing! We went with beautiful announcements down in Riverton. Mainly because I won free thank you cards from them and also they had a pretty sweet deal for what I wanted. The first layout was.. yea.. and the girl rushed me. I was close to just saying forget it and give me my money back but our second visit was with the owner and she treated us amazing and redeemed her companies name!

Ok well I think that is it for now.. ta-ta! :)