Saturday, January 12, 2013


Since everyone else posting about all the snow we have gotten
in the last few days..
here is mine!

Ragnar seems to be the only one who really is out there enjoying it!
Freddy (Amy & Dave's lab) came over to play.. they had so much fun!
Hopefully you can tell how deep it is in the backyard.. another
foot and only her head would be sticking
above it!
As it turns out.. Ragnar likes watching Harry Potter with me
while I am stuck in bed with my foot up..
PS.. yes. the BXC Club team did go out running in the snow when the storm
first started AND THEY LVOED IT!

2013.. Miles?

Well, we are now in the new year!
We finished off the old year spending time with both of our familes (luckily)!
Austin came home and of course was the best part.
I'm glad that I got to hang out with him.. alot!
Mostly just sitting on the couch watching LOTR & other various
movies but what else can you do when you have ankle surgery?
Yups.. Finally had the surgery and it was a success! Or so they tell me.
It was great those first few days that the nerve block hadn't worn off..
first time in almost 2 years of no ankle pain :)

Then the block wore off and ever since I'm been in pure
agony.. no sleep for me! Until the doctor gave me
stronger pain killers which gives me interesting side effects
so I can't take it til night time & I'm in for the night!
And trust me.. I am ok being bored at night if it means no pain!
Christmas.. our 3rd Christmas together.. but 1st spending
it actually together :)
Christmas Eve my family went and saw the Hobbit for our
movie tradition. I slept off and on but I'm sure I didn't miss much lol
We went down to AZ and spent it with Derek's Parents and Sister.
It was so much fun! I know Derek had more fun than me of course..
all I really wanted to do was just keep my ankle elevated and iced.
Janae had to make some ice packs for me, but they worked
and was the only thing that helped keep the pain at bay
when the drugs wore off.

PS the Pheniox Airport sucks and everyone is so rude!
I do wish we could have stayed down there another week,
but then again I don't.. I much rather go down when I can
do all the activities :)
Here are some pictires.. Derek has the better one's on his camera..

My parents/Austin watched Ragnar which I'm sure she loved..
Austin played tugg with her everyday :)
Ah.. New Years.. :)
Since Derek changed his work schedule in order to get ready for school,
we actually got to spend it together! Our 3rd New years :)
We went over to Tyler's house for Pizza & games..
fun is always had over there :)
Even The Brynners made her appearance and was her lil
goofy self.. wa-wa.. youhave to hear it yourself!
My Parents came over later and played games with us and it
was so much fun! We all laughed super hard!
The only thing that would have made it better was if Tyler brushed his steep
driveway so I wouldn't have to inch my way up it lol

New Years Day
Of course we went for chinese :)
Austin brought his lady friend Alex (same one from the Haunted Forrest).
Then afterwards we went and saw
Les Miserables!
It was wonderful! And it seemed so long but I think it's becuase I was in pain.
Derek had to work so he missed out on all the fun.
Now for our New Years' Goals!
We both talked about what we wanted to do this year goal-wise.
Basically it's fitness related because we figured we just need to keep on doing
what we did last year since it worked out pretty dang good :)

However, these are the non-fitness ones:
*Visit each opertaing Temple in Utah
(With Tyler & Kris and maybe JeNae & James if they can make it)
We were so close last year.. but this year we're going to do it!
*Hike more together
now that my ankle is fixed, I should be able to go on the higher, longer
hikes that Derek enjoys without my ankle stopping us.
*Try to be more minialistic in things.
And of course there's lots of fitness goals :)
Yups.. big things for us this year! Big to us anyways :)
Who knows.. we might even expect a baby towards
the end of the year/start of next..
or maybe a velociraptor lol