Thursday, July 5, 2018

Ragnar Wasatch Back 2018

About a month before the event, Timmy asked if I could fill a spot on their Ragnar Wasatch Back team. Thinking that I still had more time than what there really was to train and get more recovered from pneumonia, I agreed. In the end, I was by no means the fastest on the team, in fact I had the slowest pace in our van.  Legs 1 & 2 were just fine, leg 3 killed me like so much it triggered them awesome faux heart attacks.  In the end, I'm still glad I singed on.  It was another great weekend of running, eating, not sleeping, and joking with friends.

 Team Name
141: Get A Whiff of This
Van 1: Jen, Debbie, Rob, Blake, Matt, Cathy
Van 2: Me, Kurt, Josh, Dave, Brooke, Timmy.
All but Dave, Brooke, Kurt, and Myself work for or have retired from the corrections side of law enforcement.

We took Dave's truck so we hauled a mattress along for the ride.  It was one of the best ideas ever.
So we had these hats..
 Old school football helmet.
 Major Exchange #1 in Eden.
It was for a free bag.. I tend to get them free bags every year to put my shoes in.  They're cheap and fall apart not long afterwards but that's the point of getting them.
We were racing this team the whole time. 
 Cali found us!
 Helping with stretching by laying on people.

 Major Exchange #2 at Snow Basin
 My favorite magnet.
 Waiting for Timmy to finish Ragnar Hill.
It's funny cuz this has been a normal leg in years past..
 This guy is such a stud that he averaged like 8:15 pace up the whole dang thing. I've ran DOWN this trail before, it's intense.

 Waiting for Major Exchange #3 in Morgan, another guy that Timmy and Josh work with hooked us up with food, showers, and a quite place to take the shortest of naps.

 His kids drew this for us.

At one of the minor exchanges watching the moon rise.
 That wildlife van had all the eyes glowing.
 We couldn't sleep at the next Major Exchange, we had to go down to one of the minor ones at the Coalville rodeo fairgrounds.  Since I brought the mattress I got to sleep on it in the back of the truck.
 It was the coldest night ever! None of us got any sleep because we were so cold and our feet were blocks of ice.  We woke up with frost on everything and all the drinks in the truck bed were frozen.
 Dave showed us this little piece of history.  Apparently this guy later joined the church and moved out here to Utah.  Don't know why his family wanted this on his tomb stone though.

 Lots of funny dancing when crossing the street.
Brooke and Timmy.
 Waiting for Timmy to finish basically Ragnar hill part 2.  It was hot so I hung out in the shade of the tables.
Coming into the finish. 
 Timmy is a beast. They made a last minute change.. well they claimed they changed it a month before but you would only know about it if you had their app- which is a crappy app and unreliable so none of us wasted our phone space downloading it.  Anyways, it added more mileage to Tim's and Brooke's last legs. 
This was Timmy's last leg's elevation:
The whole gang. 
 Van #2

Josh's video of his perspective.. so of course it has a lot of him and Brooke.

Bonus! Max at his prom that same night. 

Sunday, June 17, 2018

May 2018

May 2018

Ragnar got sprayed by a skunk on an adventure with Derek and his metal detecting..

So we tried a trick from Austin and put pb on the wall.. it worked for like a minute. 

May 5th
First Royals win! 
Selfie with my favorite player... and my of my athlete's mom is in the background.
 Viking Thunder Clap!

May 6th
The girls wanted to take grandpa treasure hunting, and luckily there were a few along the trail we were able to find on a pre-dinner walk.


May 11/12
Lunch stop on our way out to Vernal.
 Since we left early in the day this year, we took a drive up Dry Fork Canyon to McKonkie Ranch.
 It was too rough for my mom but my dad came with.

 Race day.
I had to defer my half entry to next year since that good ol' pneumonia basically killed all my training. I had to stop to breathe 5 times and each time someone would try to encourage me.  I know they didn't know I'm still fighting a lung infection that kills people, but in any run I participate in, it bugs me. That's why I never say anything to people I pass unless I ask where they got a certain running item because I also want it.
Anyways, somehow it only took me a half hour.  I was sure it was going to take me longer with how often I had to stop.  Even with more and more people doing this run each year, somehow I still placed in my age group.. I must not know how to tell people's ages because I was pretty sure a lot of 30-35 year old's passed me. 
 Post race geocaching! The Field House Museum was free that day as apart of a whole festival deal. Bonus!
I wanted to do some hot air balloon rides but the weather was not kind. 

May 14
I made a deal with a student that if he worked more on being an advocate for himself, I would take him to see this mural in Ogden at the end of the class.  He has some strange fascination with the Mona Lisa... he says it scares him, but he's all about seeing it. Here he's high-5-ing her face..
 Mallory and I.

May 16
Jaxson's play.  He was a wickersham brother in Seussical the Musical Jr.

Remember that shed Derek made last year? Well, while cleaning up some of the extra wood ends, we now have an outdoor Jenga game (yes I know it's 3 per layer but when I was cleaning up this is how it got stacked).

May 17/18
State Track
We had 13 kids in 10 different events.  The best showing at state since my first year. And 10 of those kids are underclassman. They brought home lots of medals, numerous top 15 places, and one new school record in the women's 800m.
It's a great time to be a Laker.

May 19
Royals game with Kymmber and Blake.
Elise was all about hanging out with Kymmber who is her new best friend FYI.
Like seriously.. she talks about our "big cousin" all the time. 

After the win Elise booked it to the bottom to get signatures.  She was all about getting them and didn't want to wait for us. 

Monday May 21
(side note, still waiting on pics with other kiddos because this one with my eyes closed will not do)

Tuesday May 22
  Track Banquet

Wednesday May 23 Jordan got an award for his GPA, but we had to stay entertained.