Saturday, January 20, 2018

Arizona Christmas 2017

Christmas with Derek's family 2017

Boxing Day December 26, Tuesday.
We did another drive through the night deal. We traded places around Mt. Caramel and I drove until just outside of Page where I napped and Derek kept sleeping until right outside Flagstaff.
Our view of The Grand Staircase area where we were napping.
Leg stretch in Flagstaff at the Elden Pueblo Ruins. It's right next to the road, free, and smelled amazing with all the trees. A nice little walk around. 

We didn't do much stopping this year because we wanted to get down to his family and do things with them.

Wednesday Dec. 27
After a nice long run in the morning with some yoga, we just chilled during the day and played games.

Thursday Dec. 28
Back to Flagstaff to go hiking at Sunset Crater. We would've stopped on our way down since we made good time, but we had already talked about hiking here with Derek's parents.
We started the year hiking volcanoes and ended the year hiking volcanoes.
I love these funny looking squirels! 

It's not as steep or long as it looks, I only took it from this angle to tease Alicia.
There's the volcano.  This is as close as you can legally get to the cinder cone. 
 A hornito aka spatter cone.

The backside of the volcano.

Was such a cute photo until Derek's face got washed out and looks like a grandpa :(
Of course all the hot air balloons on the way back.
And then some minecraft quests to finish off the evening.

Friday Dec. 29
Hiking at Lake Pleasant while Rachael preps for her party.

This is why we came here.. because Derek didn't believe that that burro crossing signs are because there's real live wild burros in the area. 
Watching the burros.

Then it was game time!
Rachael made a Clue themed escape room party!

Goodwill costumes included!
We were Mr. & Mrs. Green... arms dealers.
Derek thought I looked a lot like The Childlike Empress/Moon Child, guess I have my next Halloween costume.
Solving puzzles.. and learning about "Horse Chip".
Then a 7 course dinner.. 7 courses!!!

Monkey Brains.. pasta salad with veggies.
Col. Mustard Chicken.
Palate Cleanser of flavored ice.
Miss Scarlet Stake and Potatoes.
Mrs. Peacock fruit salad.
Mrs. White Cheesecake.

So much fun! Rachael did a fantastic job! 

Saturday December 30
Derek took his sisters and Cameron out shooting. I stayed back and read. It was amazing.. for me :)
The spot we had gone shooting at last year was taken, so they had to drive farther and then hike in.  Derek said it wasn't the best and there were a bunch of hill-billies out there that probably could use some safety lessons.
After they all got back, had a nap, and showered- we played more games, watched clue, and had our own mock-tini bar that Janae wrote up all these fun drinks to try.

The trip went by fast! We left Sunday Dec. 31 morning so that way we could get back in town with enough time to relax before I bad to pick up Jordan for the Beat The New Year.