Monday, July 17, 2017

Nugget vs Middle Tennessee part 1

Saturday June 17
Spent the night at the Cleggs having a nail painting party and watching soccer

Sunday June 18
We're off!

Leg stretch spot at The Lincoln Monument.
It was awesome, totally worth the stop if you're passing by. There's even a little museum inside.

JeNae's photo
JeNae's photo
Made it to Lincoln, Nebraska.
Dinner at Runza

Swimming at the hotel

Monday June 19
Back on the road!

Finally made it to Paul & Sammie's.

JeNae's photo

Tuesday June 20 was a low-key day.

JeNae & I went running around their little town.
The kids swim meet.
JeNae's photo
And Dinner with the Missionaries. 

Wednesday June 21
Shy's Hill - Battle of Nashville


Monday, July 3, 2017

Ruth Carol Nelson

Grandma Ruth Carol Nelson passed away on April 22, 2017.
After almost 30 years of being alone, she was finally reunited with Grandpa George Nelson.
I had just talked to my grandma before she fell. She was so happy and lively! She said that she just had an amazing nap and Marjorie was out getting her pie. That's the grandma I'll always remember...

The grandma that although we didn't see very much (maybe once every 5 years), she made sure she always made sure we knew she loved us.

The grandma that would always send cards and notes.  And in each card or note, she would comment on things we're up to, let us know something amazing one of our cousins was up to since we saw them as often as we saw her.

The grandma I was always excited to talk about family history with, like when I would come across some distant relative I've never met but there's not that many people who have "Savage" or "Foremaster" and I'm not related to (Example: I worked with some 6th cousins at Harmons when I was going to Dixie State), so I would call grandma and share with her the encounter and she would in turn, tell me family history stories.

The grandma with the never wavering faith in Christ and the strongest testimony of His Atonement. Even through all the trails she went though, her faith in our Lord didn't fail.

The grandma who had such fierce hugs! There was no escaping her love grip!

The grandma with a deep love of literature and would always end our conversations with "this might be too old for you but you should read...". There was never a trip to grandma's house that didn't involve a walk down to the library.

"They're Neat George's.  Not Sloppy Joe's."- Grandma

The grandma who made Ragnar a baby blanket.  She never pressured about having children and understood that my dog is a major part of my life right now.  So she made Ragnar a baby blanket as her way of supporting me (of course I don't let Ragnar have it, I'm saving it).

The grandma who never held back a silly face (2015) and had a different voice when she told jokes.

That porch swing...

The grandma who's zucchini bread will never be matched.

All my life that I can remember, I have always equated this hymn to being sung at my grandpa's funeral.  The Sunday after my grandma's passing, it was sung in my ward. For whatever reason the ladies who performed it chose it, I know that it was a prompting that was done way ahead of my grandmother's passing. It's a comfort showing that my grandparents are reunited once again, for all eternity, with nothing that can separate them.

Part of the Atlanta airport

 My grandparents on their wedding day.
Dad, Marjorie, Arnold, Naomi. Doug is in Japan serving a mission.
 Crazy rain storm.
 Because of all the rain and flooding, the police weren't able to escort us.
 The funeral home let us use the mausoleum chapel for the grave side service.
It wouldn't be until the next day when they could lay her to rest.

 My dad was able to dedicate the grave from here.

Grandma's house
 The backyard which is missing all the garden growth right now.
 Side of the house where the wood pile was where we would use sticks to play ninja turtles with the cousins.

The library..

 Some of the flowers that were sent to the house.

 The front room where none of the furniture has ever been moved I swear.

 The famous coco clock...

Flying back home out of Arkansas...

 Tyson foods has their own aviation.. I find that puny and fowl.. lol