Tuesday, April 11, 2017

March 2017

March 2017 non birthday

It's track season again!
 PI day at work.. we all brought in pie's for the kids and then we got us some pizza from The Pie.

 What better way to celebrate St. Patrick day .
wearing green, learning about viruses & poisons, and a Garden of Eden play.
The Natural History Museum does this scientist spotlight every third Thursday.  I told Mallory about it and she wanted to come with me.  The scientist didn't share much I didn't already learn in school other than BYU & WSU both have discovered viruses in Utah.
 The use of Poisons in literature:
 Poisons in fairy tales

 Poisons in Greek history (super cool display)
 Poisons in Macbeth
 Mad as a hatter.
Fun fact: hatters were "mad" due to mercury poisoning they got from the things they used to make hats.
 We also got Dexter dogs. 
We wanted to go to Roosters but we didn't have time.
Bonneville's play: Children of Eden.
Mallory came with me.
We got free tickets for being staff. Win all around.

Elise & Madi came to practice with me. Ellie made a boat..

Traditional Goldenwest 5k for schools
Starting with the Orange shoe and going clockwise:
James, Dave, Jordan, Travis, Jaxson, Madi, Me, Ellie, JeNae, Dad.
Dad brought us all doughnuts afterwards.
 I ran with JeNae this year.

 Escape room with Tyler & Kris for their anniversary.  Zuppas for dinner and Mario Kart & ice cream after escaping.

When the head coach was assigning kids places for the host jr high meet, she told me she was giving me 6 kids. That's wayyyy too many, so as a joke I said I'll use some as security to keep out the overzealous parents. Well she assigned them security & they didn't mind ha!

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