Thursday, December 26, 2013


As the 2013 cross country season came to a close the week of thanksgiving
I was both  happy and very sad- sad because soon I'll have to say
goodbye to some amazing athletes I've come to love very much.
I felt more like the older sister than a coach to them.

Team Picture day.. Madi & Sabrina

State Meet.. Megan & Sabrina

 Senior Boys (except Taylor is a JR) such goofy guys!

Seniors with coaches

Sabrina is the only one who can really do the hair 'stach'.

Nike Southwest Regional Championship, Az
Cold. Wet. Muddy. Super fun.  So glad I had the privilege of going down to Arizona with the team again this year.
Seriously Love These Kids!!

My Senior Girls.. Sarah, Madi, Sabrina, Megan

At least I'll still see them around..  :)

Sunday, December 15, 2013

T-Birds and Cougars

My dad hooked us up again with football tickets..
This time it was Southern Utah vs. Weber State.
Bonus: SUU's alumni association did a free tailgate party.. totally hit that up!
My friend Deidra even came up to Ogden to watch our T-birds kick some butt!
It was a little shaky at first but SUU managed to pull out the win.. 27-21.  It was a great game to watch and my dad was so cute in his lil ball-boy get-up :)
Poor Weber State.. they had less fans there than SUU!

Btw: SUU made it to NCAA Division I Playoffs.  However they played last year's runner up and lost :( hopefully next year they'll use that experience to their advantage!

We also went to the BYU homecoming game vs. Georgia Tech for Derek's birthday
It was so much fun! However I expected GT to play harder than what they did..
and man was Hill on fire that night! It's never a dull game watching the Cougars play!


Austin's Home :)
We all went to get him from the airport.. Alexis and I even made posters

Everyone wanted to snuggle with Uncle Austin

Jordan's Belated Birthday Gift: The Doughnut Dash!
I told Jordan I would pay for a race entry for him to do with me for his birthday.. it wasn't until now that his soccer didn't interfere.  Bonus: Austin was home and ran with us even though his lungs weren't used to the high elevation and cold air :)

We started at the state capital and finished at memorial park.

At the halfway mark downing doughnuts to cut time off our time..

Tired, sweaty, and full of doughnuts! :)

Austin was also nice enough to take Ragnar running a few times..

Austin always did this with Dottie..

JeNae just had Elise so her and James couldn't make it.. but we went Go-Karting :)
And the operator guy knew who we were.. that's 2 for 2 in Go-Karting costume shenanigans!

It was great to have Austin home for 2 weeks, we all missed him a lot!

One of "those" people..

True Story..
I've become one of "those" people who make and hang wreaths on their doors to match the seasons.
Here's what I have thus far..
For around March time.. It's only halfway done..
Memorial Day, 4th of July, Veterans Day...
But mainly I had this up while Austin was deployed and took it down when he came home.
Fall :) Although I didn't put it up until the SUU vs WSU football game.. which was after Austin came home..
All Hallows Eve.. although I didn't make it until AFTER the fact.. yes this was up during Thanksgiving and I didn't take it down until last week.
Although it's not a wreath, it is a craft.  Me and some girlfriends have decided to do a craft night and we made these letters.  It was so much fun! We spent the first few hours talking and eating so we were crafting late into the night.. as in Derek beat me home from work! I'm so lucky to have such great friends who have also decided to be one of "those" people and start crafting :)

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Month of Cousins!

So.. I realize this is quite a few months late so I'll just do the shortened version..
We were blessed to be able to see so many cousins!
The Christiansen from California..
The whole Larsen/Sorensen clan.
Just about all the Nelsons.. took 2 separate occasions and there were some cousins who weren't able to make it.
Areoflyn and Family
They were here for Chris's family reunion and they stayed at my folks house for a short spell so we got to have dinner and play games with them.
I even got a trade offer from Colton in involving Ragnar..
Yellowstone 2013
Goals to accomplish:
Spend time with family: Check
Visit Quake Lake: Check
Wonder Grand Tetons for temple movie scene we're pretty sure is up there: Check
Picture at Grant Village & Lower Falls: Check
Smuggle home stick: Check
And it won't rotate.. but they're cute no matter which way you look at them!
It was the year of the buffalo but here's an elk close up that we thought was going to attack the car
Quake Lake
The Whole Sorensen Clan! Finally!
2 Years Later at Grant Village :)
Don't disturb the buffalo..

4th of July BBQ with Nelsons
Watch out.. They're serious..
The Thali Monster's "come at me bro" stance
Love Cami!
Now Doug and Eddie believe he's real..

The Nelson Reunion in Rogers, Arkansas..
Grandma wanted this tree down so..
Doug, Arnold, Dad..
Mark broke Grandpa's ax..
Mom, Marj, Kirk not paying attention..
Trip to Pea Ridge Civil War site.. Not that many people wanted to come but it's OK. I was with Arnold, Tawnya and kids who kept singing "a hiking we will go!"
I wanted to go to this mainly to hang out with my dad but we were separated in different cars
Where most of the action happened..
And yes.. I walked a short ways on the trail.. I didn't want to get ticks!
A town once stood here..

Walmart (of course) has paid for all the info signs and plaques as well as the other things around the park.
I wanted to go hiking with Aunt Marj.. do Dad, Doug and Jordan came with.  They also took the time to try to check stuff off Jordan's cub scout book.  Lots of berry tasting..
We also found some pretty cool fossils.. Jordan really like this fungus thou..
Why is there a 10x10 foot section of the Berlin Wall in the middle of the mountains in NW Arkansas? Who knows but it's right next to this giant Christ statue..
Gentry Animal Park.. there's a petting part and a drive through part.
Sonja super happy to pet the animals
Such an impressive art museum! Totally free thanks to Walmart!
Those are legit original pieces of art! Man! It was so amazing!
You can't go to Bentonville without going to the Sam Walton museum!
Eddie after winning a most fun game! However.. her kids have later informed us that the excitement about "finally winning" may not be true..
Grandpa Nelson

Grandma with the great-grand kids!
For us cousins who could make it.. this is how Grandma does "funny photo"!
The girls LOVED Fort Cody..
Yes I did go running at night around Rogers and it didn't take much to get dripping wet in that humidity!

I have TONS more photos.. trust me.. I really do..
I really enjoyed being able to see cousins that I haven't seen in like over 10 years (mainly Mark and Brian)!
Hopefully it won't be that long to wait again!