Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Alpine Easter Walk

This year my mom & I took Elise down to the Alpine Easter Walk.
It was not worth the hour+ drive, but if we lived closer and for those who live in the area, it would be a great little Easter tradition. 
The drive down wasn't too bad, Elise fell asleep.  On the way back, Ellie was the Moana DJ, picking which songs to listen to (or basically the same couple of songs).
 There was also a little shed that was playing the bible videos
 A tomb...

 She loved the sheep!

 An alter..
The cross... 

On our way out, we spotted the Alpine Arts Center and made a stop to get the wiggles out. Ellie loved running to all the animals over and over.

 They all needed hugs...

 And kisses...
 And of course Grandma was with us, so dinner at Wendy's.

They also do a live nativity during Christmas.  We stopped to look at the camels, Elise was fascinated by them.  It might be more worth it for the Christmas visit than the Easter one.  Either way it was a fun afternoon.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Aloha Sorensens - Food

The Eating Out Post
Because I know you don't care to read about our over-priced groceries from Walmart... 
Note: Derek did buy some red hot dogs.

Sunday Feb. 23 
Derek had the Ka'u fish which he said melted in his mouth.
I had the Kalbi short ribs. Everything.. so so good!
And the location made it seem like something you'd need lots of hand sanitizer for but it's actually very nice and open. Doesn't have much seating but don't let the outside look (or the weird walk to the bathroom) scare you away.

Tuesday Feb. 14
Lu'au with Jessica & Ryan

 Pretty good food. Whatever they did with the cucumbers I need to know because I'm seriously craving them right about now..

Thursday Feb. 16
Chsritine's Deli after Temple with Jessica & Ryan
Derek's meatball sandwich

 My triple decker club sandwich on wheat with cheddar. The owner also gave us all a scoop of potatoe salad which was just as awesome.
 My sandwich was pretty amazing... as you can tell by me going to town chowing down on it.
Any sandwich I have now is just a sad disappointment.

Friday Feb. 17
My phone died but Rachael took photos/video of all our amazing deliciousness... 

Saturday Feb. 18
My nasty whole wheat pancakes that I ate outside. 
The guava syrup was amazing though.
Everyone else enjoyed their nutty pancakes inside. 
My one attempt to try to eat "healthy" backfired.

Same day
I was trying to take a picture of how long this restaurant was and Hunter was saying cheese.. but my phone camera stinks and he moved thus he's all blurry.
 The. Best. Ever. 
That dressing... we even asked the server for the recipe.
I think the key was the orange zest and juice.

And of course...
This place was visited several times.  This is from the last day.
These guys were being sold everywhere and I almost bought some for Tyler...


There was also lots of Subway eaten (including an encounter with a drunk guy who thought using his e-cig for a funny fake stick up was a good idea), some L & L (which we have here in Utah & tastes the same), and some picnic style eating like this day:
 Monday Feb. 13 at Akaka Falls State Park 
It was a french dip day for some... Janae had packed frozen meat on the flight over.

This.. lots and lots of this...

These Red Hot Dogs.. Derek loves them.

Food brought home:
The Cleggs:

For Tyler & Kris's Family
  Tyler said this is very very very "holy hot".
My folks: nuts and syrup of course
Austin: nuts, waffle mix, syrup.
A win for everyone.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

March 2017

March 2017 non birthday

It's track season again!
 PI day at work.. we all brought in pie's for the kids and then we got us some pizza from The Pie.

 What better way to celebrate St. Patrick day .
wearing green, learning about viruses & poisons, and a Garden of Eden play.
The Natural History Museum does this scientist spotlight every third Thursday.  I told Mallory about it and she wanted to come with me.  The scientist didn't share much I didn't already learn in school other than BYU & WSU both have discovered viruses in Utah.
 The use of Poisons in literature:
 Poisons in fairy tales

 Poisons in Greek history (super cool display)
 Poisons in Macbeth
 Mad as a hatter.
Fun fact: hatters were "mad" due to mercury poisoning they got from the things they used to make hats.
 We also got Dexter dogs. 
We wanted to go to Roosters but we didn't have time.
Bonneville's play: Children of Eden.
Mallory came with me.
We got free tickets for being staff. Win all around.

Elise & Madi came to practice with me. Ellie made a boat..

Traditional Goldenwest 5k for schools
Starting with the Orange shoe and going clockwise:
James, Dave, Jordan, Travis, Jaxson, Madi, Me, Ellie, JeNae, Dad.
Dad brought us all doughnuts afterwards.
 I ran with JeNae this year.

 Escape room with Tyler & Kris for their anniversary.  Zuppas for dinner and Mario Kart & ice cream after escaping.

When the head coach was assigning kids places for the host jr high meet, she told me she was giving me 6 kids. That's wayyyy too many, so as a joke I said I'll use some as security to keep out the overzealous parents. Well she assigned them security & they didn't mind ha!