Saturday, December 13, 2014


Madi's 5th birthday adventure:
I pick her up and on our way down to Color Me Mine, Madison proceeded to tell me all about graveyards, zombies, and ghosts. Which lead into an in depth conversation about why vampires couldn't go into graveyards.
We couldn't paint that night because they had a special reservation only Santa night thingy.

Dinner: she wanted chicken nuggets from McDonald and eat them at Grandma's house like a picnic in front of the TV so we could have a girls night.
That and Grandma's house has her favorite treat: Handy Snacks.
Saturday we went back and she picked out her pony.

Me: Smile normal.
Madi: I'm a monkey cracker!
I sure do love my Miss Madison!

Ivory Home's Gingerbread Festival @ This Is The Place Heritage Park
For $5 (goes to charity of course) you get to:
See some sweet gingerbread houses & vote on one.
Sugar cookie decorating- thick sugar cookies mind you.
Unlimited hot coco with freshly made whip cream.
Pictures with SANTA!!!! (waiting for those to be emailed out)

I voted on this one due to all the Andy's mints.
Clever nativity.
Derek voted on this one because of the detail in the ivy.

Someone paid almost $200 for this...


A wonderful FHE date night- next year we're going to enter in our own gingerbread house

We Run SouthWest

Another trip to AZ for the Nike race!
Theme for this year's trip: "It's like trying to herd cats"

Went to see Mocking Jay part 1 as a team

Kinda chilly in the wee hours of the morning.

This guy...
The citizen's raced started a half hour before the open races.  This guy finished towards the end of the first girls open race.  He had a great attitude the entire way- cheering on the girls as the ran past him. I instantly fell in love with this grandpa.
For several reasons we had our kids run in the open races.  They all did really well and had a great time!
Introduced the team to Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
My introduction to Chicken & Waffles in Vegas!
Blew my mind!

Man I love these kids!

Cookies Please!

2014 Santa Run!
However we were missing quite a few people in our group,
That's ok- we still had a blast!
The boys ran by themselves.

The only time we stopped was so that Madi could eat her cookie and drink her milk without choking.

Madi skipped most of the way or asked me to chase her.

These kids can never smile normal!

The electric light parade happens right after the run, along with fireworks and the lighting of Ogden's Christmas Village.  
This was all that I stayed for because I had 
We did a South American theme to the food- it was a good call.
So much awesomeness!!! And to top it off with hot tubbing and movie time with 2 super awesome friends that I'm super lucky to have!

Cirque DE "Sore Legs"

Ragnar Las Vegas!
Team Dairy Keen rides again!
I'm so happy I got the chance to run again for team Dairy Keen!
Bill & Jan really make me feel like part of the family and not like some distant relative by law family.
It was a great weekend although I highly recommend to 
Seriously, until the Ragnar people change the course where you don't have to spend so much time at stop lights trying not to get hit by cars when you have the right-a-way (happened to a teammate) or run right along the highway 
or when you don't have to worry about being threaten to get your head smashed in by a crazy crack head (I cried. I was so scared. I had to back track until I found another runner to run with me so I wouldn't be alone).

Car pool on the way down... I got the whole back seat :)
JeNae excited.. like SUPER excited...
Race Day! 
 Our Van #2.. Timmy making weird faces
 Bill photo bombing us! 
Van #2!
 Waiting to cheer on McKell!
 Recover time during our little break.
 Best idea ever: get a bunch of tortillas, leave them in the tin thingy, leave it on the dashboard in the Vegas sun and wha-la! nice warm, fully cooked snack!
 Monster handing these out.. not bad.. gotta make sure you shake well!

Half way done...
 It's just so.. so.. Basic..
 Clegg Brothers. Their mom even came all the way down to watch them run too.

 BJ's Brewhouse is a must eat! We ate there for our after party and the staff were wonderful! Their house made rootbeer is ok, their cream soda was most delish!

Other points of mention:
-Sleeping at whatever high school wasn't that bad, I was super toasty- JeNae wasn't lol
-Ragnar people did not plan the honey bucket ordeal very well.
-Got a sunburn in November and it felt amazing!