Saturday, August 10, 2013

Mile #9

So I ran my first ever half marathon on May 18, 2013 in the Ogden Half Marathon.
I probably shouldn't have considering the amount of muscle I have lost from surgery
and the pain I am still struggling with in my ankle. 
I didn't do any running what so ever 2 weeks prior.
Yes you read that right.
No. Running. 2 weeks out.
I figured this would be a test of the "Nelson" genes.. considering I have some pretty
awesome cousins who can out run anyone I know!

Race Day Breakdown:
3:30am: Wake up, dress, kiss my love goodbye, go pick up James.
I can't eat that early in the morning- it's like the food just sits in my mouth
and I can't chew..
4am: Meet up with the Clegg boys: Dave, Paul, Phil.
Yup my group was 4 boys to 1 girl.
And it's raining.
4:30-5:30ish head up Ogden Canyon and hang out at the park by the
starting line.  It's nice to be there with Ogden Half Vet Dave who
knew a few tricks- like what honey pots to use that made me
the first person to use it, very important info!
The rain stops..
6:30am: the rain starts again!
6:45am: the gun starts and then about 10 minutes later we start- there was
that many people it was better to wait.
Mile 1& 2
Pretty flat, wet. I stuck with James
Mile 3 & 4
The only "hill" which was covered with meme posters to motivate people.
They were hilarious!
Mile 5
I lost James at the first aid station due to him "skipping to the lou"
I caught up to Paul and then left him at the turn by the lake- it was downhill
and I know how to run hills without wasting energy.  And due to my injuries I needed
all the energy I could save.
Mile 6- 8
Nothing of note occurred (still raining).. I just enjoyed pounding the pavement and dodging
the puddles. Paul caught up to me just in time for me to hide behind
b/c a group of my students where working the aide station.
I don't mind seeing my students outside of work, I just don't like them seeing me..
in hot pink spandex..
Mile 9
F'n Mile 9..
for those first 8 miles I was on pace for completing the Half in under 1:45 (hours).
then the muscle atrophy kicked in with it's less than wonderful
15 minute mile.
I've never ran such a slow mile- even when I was freshly cleared to start running again.
My knee killed.
My ankle hurt even worse- but wasn't swollen- weird.
Mile 10-13
a 5k.. the hardest 5k I had ever ran.
James caught up to me towards the end of mile 12
Mile .1
Well, actually it was the last half mile when I started my kick.
I was in so much pain I was ready for it to be over. I felt bad leaving James
behind but I was done.
Coming down the homestretch I saw Derek waiting with his camera
and cheering for me.
I immediately starting crying.
Words cannot express the vast amounts of pain my right leg was in,
but there was my wonderful husband giving me the motivation I needed to finish.
Then I past the parking garages filled with the Clegg Cheering Squad!
I finished my first ever half- under trained, and still recovery from ankle surgery
2:28 (hours).
They tried to drag me into the med tent but I told them that unless they
are going to give me a high dose morphine shot there's nothing else they can do.
I grouped up with Dave, Paul, and James, took some pictures,
hugged Derek and headed home to a warm shower and dry clothes.
Conclusion: There is a "Nelson running gene". And I wouldn't have traded
that experience for anything!

I'm so grateful for the love & support I received that day :)
And the free scone from Dave later that day! 
(Although my track team I help coach was at day 2 of the state meet that day as well.)