Saturday, December 8, 2012


Fall is now over it seems.. it's too dang cold!
So to re-cap what has been going on.. I give you
The Fall Summary!
Not that exciting but the past few months have been so crazy!
Let's start with BXC

From June to November I was an assistant coach to
Bonneville High School's Cross Country team
and I have loved every minute of it! Even though I wasn't paid.. I loved
getting to know all these kiddos!
The team had a great season, the boys taking Region V title 2 years in a row!
They also took State Runner up 2 years in a row.. we tied for State this year and it came
down to the 6th man.

The best part was going to AZ for NXN-the team paid for me to come down with them
and even though the bus ride was long and painful.. I wouldn't trade in that
weekend for anything!
Me and 2 other parents ran in the first race, our team
Ye Ol' Lakers
placing 3rd!

The boys did well also..
9th place out of the top 40 teams from 5 states!
Plus we beat Ogden High school so that was awesome!
Overall it was a great weekend and I am so glad that I get to stay on for indoor track!
SO I raced A LOT this year.. 10 events.. not all of them were for time.
But my best time is year was at the Zoo Run..
20:50.. but since it was short.. I say 22 flat.
This is happens when Uncle Austin comes home..
Cheesecake factory and Haunted Forest..
Austin's friend Alex made the haunted forest so much fun!

Canadian Thanksgiving..
Weber State vs. Montana!
Guess who won? :)
Isn't my dad such a cute lil ball boy?
He's the one who hooked us up with tickets!
Derek's Birthday Dinner

Eating 1 year old cake :)

Holy Smokes before Austin left..

 While we were in St. George, The Hardings/Johnsons let us crash at their house..
so we took them to Red Robin..

And this is what happens when you play "HORSE" with Leslie..

Ignore the yellow arrows.. but yes,
there is a half centimeter hole in my
Talus thanks to my Tibia.
That's the root of my ankle pain and lucky me I get to have surgery
to fix it. I want to do it ASAP because then I can
get healing faster and start training for next year's race season.
Derek however, has become more and more normal. I hope that at his
next doctor's app they will us some good news- news that says
he doesn't have to have another radiation treatment done!
So I'm pretty sure that's everything.. maybe lol