Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Puppy Love

Behold.. the newest Sorensen..
Her name is Ragnar.. it means "Judgmental Warrior" in Old Norse. As of today she is 5 1/2 months old..
We bought her (actually I bought her as my Christmas present) off of KSL and she came with Rashka.. yea that needed to change.  I looked for names that started with 'R' but since she's a GSD/Lab mix it needed to be powerful-and since Spartacus is a male, Ragnar it is!  Plus the name helps that she is my new running buddy :)
Ragnar & Kamana
And yes, the pug is just fine with her. They are like the best-est friends ever!   Aside from the occasional trying to um *cough cough* each other, they get along just perfectly!  She does try to heard him when we go for family walks, its actually pretty funny.
Well.. she's a dork all the way around.  Remember the wind storm?
Yea.. she's the ONLY one that was EXCITED about! She was dragging sticks and branches up to the back door, and even after we cleaned them up-she just drags them back!
And the way she acts when I leave for work makes it so hard to go!  For example, when I go outside to warm up my car I let her come with me since she likes to run in the snow, eat it, and chase the birds in the tree.  Not this time, she jumped in the front seat, curled up in the smallest ball ever, and WOULD NOT COME OUT! I had to pull her out and the face she gave me was so sad :( 
I don't even want to wonder what it will be like when we actually have kids!
She's fascinated with planes :)

Kristy is her groomer.. did you expect anything less? (Note that it is not Kristy in the picture, but in fact she is taking the picture)
Doesn't she look like the ugly dog from Ghostbusters all wet?
Look at those ears!!! She's such a cutie!!!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mawage. Mawage is wot bwings us togeder tooday

Ok, here it is.. here is what you all have been waiting to read/hear about..
The Big Day..
Tying the Knot..
The day where Me & Derek become husband & wife..
Our Wedding Day..
But more importantly..
The day Me & Derek were Sealed for Time & All Eternity!

Alrighty, so, I made sure that when I set up our temple time is was at a time that would allow me to sleep in (beauty sleep!), get ready, and head down to the temple without any added stress.  Spoiler Alert: Mission Accomplished!  JeNae came with me to get my hair and make up done by Julia- she is fabulous! She has her own little set up in her basement and the one responsible for doing my nails for the last few months, well since July.
After that we went to Jamba Juice for breakfast.. it's tasty, I'm the Bride so I say so, and because there are no Orange Peel's up here in Ogden *shakes fist*.
From there I came home, wondered around talking to my aunts and grandma, and of course txting Derek :)  We headed down to the temple and of course there is some kind of traffic jam so we ended up arriving at the temple 10 minutes after we were supposed to.  No biggie, Derek was there and we got business taken care of!

I Love to see the Temple, I'll go inside someday..... As a Child of God I've learned this TRUTH
A Family is FOREVER!
Oh how I wish I could describe what happened next, but seriously no words can capture how amazing I felt or how much love was in that room.  I'm tearing up just remembering all of it!  Let's just say that there's no way that this church is not true.. just the fact that I am now sealed to my best friend, no man can break our bond, not even death, that we will have an eternal family is evidence enough that this is the one and only true church on the earth today.  Kneeling across the alter I could not keep my excitement in!  I know my feet would not stay still and all I wanted to do was jump around! Oh and Derek wore the "zebra" print tie that my parents got him during the ceremony :) score one point for nugget!

We came out, did pictures which little miss Madison did not want anything to do with me.  It's weird because she always comes to me and even has a fit whenever I leave.  James said because I'm not wearing basketball shorts, I don't look like Aunt Chell.  Either way, when she's older I'll have a little blackmail.. bwahahahahaha!!  I was so happy to see family and friends waiting outside for us, many of which traveled long distances to be here for our special day.  It warms your heart knowing that people love that much!
And yes, Derek is a SUPER SPINNER!!!
Ah.. The Luncheon..
Ok I'll admit it.. I am pretty much still upset about what happened at the luncheon so I am not going to go much into details.  But here is what you do get to know.. 1) Shaun and Dani are the best when it comes to holding a wedding dress when it's time to pee. B) Jamba Juice is very filling on a busy day, however I was super thirsty. 3) NEVER eat anything just to show you are thankful for someone's hard work. D) Lastly, to put it in a way that my friend told me when he was trying to cheer me up about the whole mess.. What better way to start a marriage than experiencing the power of your husbands' priesthood! I am very thankful that my family and my husband were able to give me a blessing as soon as I needed one.
Behold.. Cookies of DEATH!!!
All Aboard!!!
After that hot mess, we went to the Union Station in Ogden to take some bridal party pictures.  They turned out just the way I was hoping they would! Bonus part is that my photographer told me that we can re-take our couples pictures since my face started to swell up again.. Anaphylacitc Shock is not fun.
Happily Ever After Starts Here...
From there we went to the reception where I was pumped full of Benadryl and Derek was the brave one who got to stab me with my epi-pen.  What better way for him to learn how to do it than under fire!  Everything turned out just as I had planned! The Photo Booth was a big hit- esp with the little kids! My decor lady came through and made the room even better than I had imagined!  Paying that extra money for a ceiling canopy was definitively worth it! It added so much to the atmosphere of it all!  The cupcakes turned out amazing thanks to our friend Teresa!  I believe she made about 500 cupcakes and it seemed like only 50 came home with us!  All of the white chocolate covered popcorn balls were eaten!  So many people came it was again, heart warming that people made the effort to share in our joy.  Then we cut the cake.. the CUPcake that is! Then there was toasts given my Kristy, Shaun, Jason, and Ryan.. hello Martinellis sparkling cider! It's Derek's favorite thing to drink like ever so it was fitting.  Then we had our first dance to "To Make You Feel My Love" the Adele version.  Oh I could not stop crying! Then to keep the flood works going, I danced with my dad to "Love Without End Amen" by George Strait- if you know what has happened the past few years then you would understand why so many people were crying during our dance & I got to see my daddy cry for what I can remember being only the 3rd time in my life.  Derek & his mom danced to "In This Life" by Israel Kamakawio'ole.  She had bought a Kukui Nut Lei for Derek and a flower one for her, but halfway through the song she passed it onto me as well as Derek's hand.  It was cute :)  Then the rest of the traditional activities happened, the bouquet toss, garter toss, random dancing which Jaxson wanted to dance with me the entire night!
Light Up the Sky with Our Love
It felt that as soon as it started, it ended.  It lasted a good 3 hours before we took off for the honeymoon but considering the condition I was in, I didn't get to enjoy the first part of it.   We left to everyone waving glow sticks! It was pretty much awesome to see the dark night sky lit up from the entryway lanterns and glow sticks.. I could have gone without all the butt smacking thou!  We took off in Derek's completely decorated Nissan towards Logan to spend some time at the Anniversary Inn.. Hawaii will come during school, work & work break :)
From This Day Forward..
Thanks so much to all of you who helped bring my dream wedding to life & creating such an amazing party to celebrate the start of mine & Derek's new adventure! 

P.S. There is no charge for this awesomeness!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Photo Booth Pics!

Here are SOME of the pictures from the photo booth. Sorry, it cut off the bottom 2 pics on the slide show but I'm sure you all will live :) I have a CD with all the pictures and videos if anyone wants a copy!
The Photo Booth was a great hit! Everyone loved it! I wish I could have enjoyed it more than what I really got too.. one of the main reasons why I wanted it was because I WANTED TO USE IT, but oh wells. Everyone else got seemed to get lots of enjoyment out of it for me.
Here is the company that came- Catch Photo Booths, they were awesome and hooked me up! Plus as far as photo booth prices go I think they have the best if you are looking into using one for whatever event (ps they have deals going on all the time and contests).

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Here are some of my favorites from my Bridals.. my photographer was Will, from Victoria James Photography, Studio 1's wedding section. I loved his work and here is the studio's website in case you want to check them out! I will for sure post a list and contact info of people I would recamend working with in the Utah area for weddings at a later date, basically after finals.

Wedding Week Extravaganza!

Well we survived and that’s the most important thing though right?

Well let’s re-live the wedding week aka most pure awesomeness in the best-est awesomeness form the universe could ever behold... Let’s start with Friday before the wedding. I had my bachelorette party that night which my two of my best friends put together with my sister, and they did a smashing good job! We literally “pre-gamed” it via playing Lazer Tag!!!! Me, Kristy and Shaun were our own teams and it was so much fun having the place to ourselves. Note to self: pink flip flops = slip n slide on the ramps. Poor Shaun kept getting the butt end because her color glowed the brightest and her laugh made her easy to pin point in the area. Kristy won the first round by a couple of hundred points; however, I annihilated them in the last round BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! P.S. I wore my “bride to bling” sash the whole time underneath the vest. After we got our fill, we went to Chilies for dinner where Jessica & Andrea met up with us. It was fun and good food with a side of random people telling me congrats! I don’t think I’ve laughed as hard as I did that night in the longest time (dang school taking over good times). Then we headed to my sister’s house for a slumber party, and let’s just say that Shaun is now regretting being a wuss for not trying out one of the products lol It was a ton of fun and a great way to end the night! My friends rock!!!! 

Sunday came bringing with it the bestest wedding present ever! My little brother came home- which he literally flew around the world just to be home for my wedding. I love him so much; words could not express the gratitude I have for him making such a big sacrifice to be here. His flight actually came in early, but luckily me and my folks made it there in time, the Cleggs got there right as we were leaving to go find them. I made a poster as well as Jordan and Jaxson. It was so happy! I think my mom was the most emotional!

AH the work week before the big day…
Monday came and brought with it so much stress from my school load. But I pushed it aside and went to go get my hair colored, well fixed more like it. When I got it colored for my bridals, these 2 girls didn’t do what I asked, but I didn’t want to stay there any later than what I was there so I just said whatever and left. I blame it on the front desk lady, I made sure I was clear when I asked for Cassie and yet I still didn’t get her. Ugh! So Monday Cassie was actually there and she was trying to fix the coloring and cover my roots. I trust Cassie with my hair and still do, even though I left Monday looking like a cheetah- well it’s what I feel I looked like. Add school stress and I was a hot mess that night, but I still went to Olive Garden with my family because that’s where Austin wanted to go- one of his goals for his home trip was to eat American food made by Mexicans lol

Tuesday I wore a hat to work and still was so upset. I have to bestest co-workers ever! Sherrie basically locked me in the office so I could work on homework and then Bonnie and Marty made me go home after 3rd period so I could do homework there and get my hair fixed, again. Cassie sent me to a lady @ Hot Candy down on 25th street to see if she would work some magic over my hair. She did ok, but my hair was still not the color I did not want nor where the roots in the FRONT OF MY FACE covered. I was still so upset but what else could I do right? Bonnie gave me her hairdresser’s number but I was so worried about my hair getting more fried and fall out that I just threw my hands in the air and said whatever!

I had taken Wednesday off of work so I spent the vast part of the day doing homework and I got a pretty good rough draft done of my final paper to send for feedback that I felt like I could breathe! The Nelson Ladies came this day also: Grandma, Aunt Marj and Aunt Namoi. I’m so excited that they were able to make it! I hadn’t seen my Grandma in a few years and my Aunt Namoi even longer. Aunt Marj came in the beginning of the year to help out my mom with things, so it was like a super bonus that I got to see her 2x in one year! Namoi made sure I knew that my cousin Mark really wanted to come and was sad that he couldn’t because he couldn’t get off of work. It’s understandable although it would have been so awesome if Red did end up coming 
Thursday: the wedding rehearsal dinner. Went just awesome! It was great to have all my family and friends there eating yummy food! My cousin Arolyn flew in, which was also amazing that she was able to make it. I can’t even remember the last time I saw her, I think maybe at Grandpa’s funeral but I’m not sure. She told me how much Kimmber wanted to come but they only had funds for one ticket. I’m just glad that she came! Jordan took a liking to her ASAP! She was like, his new bff and didn’t want to ever leave her side. Twayna flew in latter that night, which of course, I was super happy about considering I can’t remember when I saw her last either! Aunt Marj kept singing:
“There’s just a few more hours...”

And by the end of the night I was humming the whole song, well it didn’t hurt that it was my ringtone the whole week either...

Seriously, who doesn’t think of this song the day before they are getting married?
Well the dinner was a Hawaiian theme, and my mom bought some leighs, including animal print! It was awesome, Derek came in traditional attire of one of the tribes that live in the islands. My dad grilled some chicken and my sis in law Kris found these awesome zebra print plastic sups which just added to the most awesomeness which was that dinner. After the dinner we took up some stuff to the church for my décor lady to use. There were some kids there playing ball in the gym, and I did not hesitate in informing them that if the valued their lives they would leave without argument and that I was stressed enough that I would not hold back. They left without any problem. Kristy, her bf Chris and Shaun helped load things into the gym and organize my center pieces. Kristy and Shaun have been so helpful through all of this, I am so lucky that I have such awesome friends!

Stay tuned for the Wedding Day entry and Pictures when I get them! :)

Friday, September 30, 2011

Holy Mole-y!

Wow, I totally thought that I would have more time to devote to this in a step-almost-by-step ordeals with the wedding planning. Then school happened and much of my life has been sucked in staring at the computer screen because one teacher felt it best to use an e-textbook. Of course I can print it off, but for some reason it prints off soooo tiny that it’s best to just read it online. You spend hours trying to read something in this small of print!!!! Anyways.. here’s some updates!

INVITES: have FINALLY been mailed!!!! And that is all I am going to say on the matter. P.S. stuffing envelopes apparently works your tri-ceps more than I thought!

Décor: I have an “on site” with my lady this Saturday, aka tomorrow, to go over details. Which thank goodness because I was starting to stress since I hadn’t heard from her in a while!

More Photos: JeNae helped us do a “zombie” shoot with my best friend Kristy and her bf Chris as the zombies. They rock like that! We were laughing the whole time and I think we got some pretty cool shots that we put on an insert in the invites. All I can hope is that people get a kick out of as mush as we do! ( I will try to post another slide show, hopefully tonight or tomorrow depending on homework).

My AMAZING Luck! If planning a wedding was like gambling.. I would be a millionaire! I say this because I have had some amazing luck when it comes to venders of wedding-ness. First I get a killer deal on the photography (see below), then I get tons of discounts on pretty much everything else- mainly the announcements! The best part is.. *drum roll pleas* A PHOTOBOOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That also does video recordings 
All because I go to those bridal shows, mainly for free cake and other food, but it doesn’t hurt winning either 
That and I also give a lot of credit to tithing.

Bridals: Are done! I got a bridal session with my photo pgk along with the copyright release to all the photos. Now I'm just waiting on the disk to get here so I can print off some of the funny pictures. I got 5 8x10's in the mail already.. but i want more smaller ones lol we went to the international peace gardens in SLC and my most awesome sister, sister in law (Kris) and best friend (Shaun)and mom were there to help.. and i needed it with that poofy dress of mine! p.s. i think that I personally aerated the entire park with my heels!

We pretty much have everything else good to go, just need to pick up my center pieces that I think are pretty clever if I must add. And that is basically wrap this up, my break from homework is over and the slave driver is cracking his whip! Bah!!! I just have to get reminding myself of the following…: Master’s Degree= Higher Pay Grade, Master’s Degree= Higher Pay Grade, Master’s Degree= Higher Pay Grade…

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Engagement Pictures

These were some of our Favs!

Wedding Updates!

And so the wedding countdown continues..

I started this blogg so that friends and family who do not live near us can feel like they are still in the loop with wedding planning.. well.. here is what we have got going on thus far!
The Date: October 21, 2011 @ the Oquirrh Mtn Temple :) Yes Oquirrh Mtn.. you can thank JeNae for putting that idea in my head. I did want Bountiful for the longest time but with Ogden being closed and everyone going to Bountiful.. I decided against it. I don't want to be rushed on one of the most important days of my life. I want to savor each moment as I am sealed to my best friend to time and all eternity :) I seriously can't wait.. I love Derek so much it's like I really did find my other half :)

The Dress.. as much as I would like to post a picture of my awesome threads it's best not because I want to stay traditional and not let Derek see it til the wedding. I will say this: it is amazing!!! And there may or may not be polka dots involved lol Now here is part of the dress buying experience.. My pose included: my mom, JeNae & Kris (Matrons of Honor) and one of my bff's Shaun (One of my Maids of Honor). I had already tried some amazing dresses on at Davids Bridal but they are $$$$ for not so temple ready dresses. So we went to The Fairy Godmother down in SlC (same place JeNae got hers). I ALMOST BECAME A BRIDEZILLA!!!!!!!! The owner.. wow.. if I had to do it over again I WOULD NOT get my dress from there. 3 reasons why.. #1: I am not wearing a veil and she chased me around the fitting room trying to put one on me to "complete the look". I informed her nicely that I am not wearing one and so it ruins my "look". She was not nice. #2: Telling me I can't wear my wedding dress in the temple. My mom called the temple and guess what??!! I totally can :) #3: tying to talk me into getting an Ivory dress over white.. "7 to 1 brides get Ivory".. that's nice I WANT A WHITE DRESS!!!! Seriously.. this lady! Don't get me wrong I love my dress, however, I felt I looked good in every dress I tried on so it wouldn't have been a big deal to walk away if I would have taken the time to look closer at my dress.. the makeup on the inside (and no it's not mine, if you're my friend you know I don't cake on foundation!) the loose threads, the random BLUE THREAD on the top which my mom is certain we can hide with my name-tag lol

The Venue.. as much as I would love to have a venue I just don't have the funds for it. Renting is no problem.. they just trap you with having to have to buy their food! So we looked into the Riverdale Senior Center.. bad choice for anyone who has style and taste!!!! So Stake Center it is!!! 

Decor.. I found two amazing Decor companies: LK Events and Legacy Weddings- both didn't tell me no when I said I wanted full draping to cover the walls and basketball hoops. LK Events however was out of my price range so Legacy Weddings it is! And I am extremely happy with my choice! She is so nice and loves the fact that I want hints of zebra print at my reception. I am so excited to work with her! Companies I would rec-amend NOT to work with: Something Borrowed- the lady told me no on full draping and said if I tried to cover basketball hoops it will just make ppl want to look at them more. Plus she didn't get the concept of I DO NOT WANT THAT UGLY FAKE GREENERY ANYWHERE AT MY WEDDING!!!!!!!! Sheesh! Also Utah Wedding Decor & More- that lady was so snobby and totally ignored me after our sit-down meeting. I was willing to put her on the list of "think abouts" but she totally ignored me. Not good business i say.

The Food.. the most awesomeness Moon family is all over the cupcakes! Since I was little I always wanted cupcakes.. luckily they have became a fad recently so it makes getting stands and whatnots cheaper.  There will also be other "food" there.. the goal is to get everyone on a sugar high :)

The Cake.. will be a 3 tiered "dummy" cake with real cake as the 4th tier.. again I want that tradition of having the top layer on our first year anniversary :)

The Photos.. my awesome sister JeNae, took our engagement photos which I hope to post some as soon as I figure out how lol My Bridals and wedding day photos will be covered by Studio 1's wedding section Victoria James? They are amazing and we got an extremely sweet deal with the price!

The Video.. I was against this at first, but after my mom talked me into it and Derek wanting one I started to look into companies and now I want one! We are going to go with Master Piece Images. They are a local company and have been around for some time. Plus they offer a money back guarantee which I think is a good sign. Plus the guy was so nice and even gave his opinions of the other companies I was looking into- all good feedback. What won me over was not only the guarantee but the fact he took the time to HAND WRITE a "novel" of a thank you card for just meeting with him. Thank is what you call a man who knows how to get business lol

The Announcements.. will be ordered to print on Monday the 22nd.. they look amazing! We went with beautiful announcements down in Riverton. Mainly because I won free thank you cards from them and also they had a pretty sweet deal for what I wanted. The first layout was.. yea.. and the girl rushed me. I was close to just saying forget it and give me my money back but our second visit was with the owner and she treated us amazing and redeemed her companies name!

Ok well I think that is it for now.. ta-ta! :)