Saturday, December 2, 2017

Temple Square with Grandpa

My dad was taking the Clegg kids down to temple square the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.
I invited myself to tag along.
We took the Front Runner down.

It was Elise's first time riding the train.
Playing old maid with shark cards and go fish with Garfield cards.

The Church History Museum.
I really enjoy this painting. 

An original window from the Kirkland Temple. 
Lifting a 30 lb block.

The death masks. 

The pocket watch...

This is from the old DC tabernacle. 

I really like this Mexican Nativity. 

Kids play area... Ellie was getting grumpy. 

Smashed some pennies. 
To which Ellie had to pose with her Temple penny with the Temple. 

City Creek for lunch. 
Christmas music was playing so the girls were pretending their food was musical instruments. 

Top of the Church Office Building. 
Jordan wasn't doing so well with how high we were. 

Took a tour of the "Supernackle" including the roof. 

The best part was that I found the painting I've been wanting for the past few years tucked away in the corner hiding at the Church History Museum.  Granted the one I've been wanting is about $300 and much much larger, and this one was only $15 and 11x14. Now Derek and I need to find a Christ painting we both enjoy to have in our home.