Tuesday, November 14, 2017


6 year anniversary.
At first we were going to go camping down in Ion county but we wanted Ragnar to join us so we decided to check some spots off of our geology scavenger hunt instead.  We went to Devil's Playground up in Box Elder county.  It was rather popular than we expected. But we cooked in our cast iron skillet to make up for the iron part haha!

Derek was enjoying some chill and reflection time standing on top of random rocks.
Looks like a dino...
uh... old metal ties on some bones, hanging from a tree...
right before we saw this Derek was making jokes about scary stories and things...
Taking a break from chasing rabbits..

The Ionic rock formation for the area.
But this rock has a few options...

And this formation...

The night sky was amazing! Derek got some really awesome photos.
Another year, another weird shoe photo..

And weird art...
The next day we tried to hike Volcano Peak but didn't make it far due to the storm.
The wind almost blew us off the peak!

We've already decided to come back again so we could finish our plans and so Derek can get the rest of the photos he wanted. 

Since we got rained out  from the playground, we went hiking on the east side on the state instead.
It was still cold and windy, with clouds moving in, but we still got a few miles in Iron Canyon.

Ragnar enjoyed herself with chasing squirrels.
And of course, ice cream for the drive back home. 

Friday, November 3, 2017

October 2017

October 2017

 Tuesday Oct. 3
Nelson girls' school fundraiser was a run-a-thon.
 I was able to ditch work for an hour to watch them, but I only really got to watch The Brynners.

Wednesday Oct. 4
Geology Field trip with my class.  The weather turned on us so we couldn't do the hike I had planned but the kids got to see things that they wouldn't have had the opportunity to do so before. 
G.K. Gilbert Geology View Park is a tiny little "Park" that just helps point out the amazing earth plate movement examples of the Little Cottonwood Canyon.  It was a long drive, but honestly, the point was to be gone all day anyways.
I had the students help point out things for pictures that we could send to their parents. 
I had a few students stay back because they have major anxiety about travel. But the few we had were so much fun! Mallory is another of the para's in the classroom.

Then we went up to Big Cottonwood Canyon to check out the Ancient Seabed.  We would've gone further up the canyon to look at other stuff but it started to rain. 

 We also had a rock contest of who could find the most purple, flat rock that we could take back for our classroom.
 We talked a lot about the fault line. Sadly this sign isn't there anymore.. just the two poles and I haven't found out why it's gone.
Next we went up Morgan Canyon to see the Devils Slide.
It wasn't on my list of things to see, I was saving this for when we talked more about erosion and stuff, but the classroom teacher insisted on going because she wanted to be gone the entire day.
Then we had lunch and visited the spring in North Ogden that's in the Lee's Parking lot next to McDonalds, because the teacher wanted to go here. Again, I was saving this for part of our water lesson and it was going to be one of our spots to gather water to test.  Of course we'll still go but it kinda takes the mystery out of it.

My parents swing set is no more...

Thursday October 5th
Elise wanted to hang out with me at practice after Little Lakers.
She loves this sign because there's an "E", and Elise has two "e"s.
 This face..
 The kids did a "Junk Run".. here's some of their stuff
Jarom and Jared with a dress find.

This weirdo kept hiding around my legs... until she could get some of the kids to chase her. 
 James found this little chair but that's Brandon sitting in it.

 Winners: Nate and Jared.
 The girls did do a great effort, actually diving into dumpsters to get some chairs, a door, and a teki torch.
 They wanted to do an "awkward family photo"

Friday October 6th.
Made Earth Balls in science...

 Elise ate mine.

Then went with JeNae to check out spots for family photos.

 Then after dinner and the rest of the USMNT game, Madi and I made some crystals.
It was from her Christmas gift but I thought that she was going to make them with Grandpa Clegg since he really likes rocks and crystals. Either way it was fun to do some science with her.

Saturday Oct 7th
After Derek got back from his little birthday overnight-er with Ragnar, we went on a drive to the Nebo Loop to look at the trees changing colors.
Utah Lake

This is what Derek wanted to do for his birthday, to just sit in nature and comtemplate.
And have Costa Vida for dinner.
And a F'real milkshake.

 Mt. Nebo.... Mt. Baldy

 Devils Kitchen

 A tree with "frosted tips"
Then Sunday Dinner was a combo of Derek's birthday and Canadian Thanksgiving.

Wednesday Oct. 11
Region. State bound again!

Cheryl Sanders, Tara's mom, passed away.  Her funeral was on Friday Oct. 13
The family knew it was happening, Tara even warned me a month out that it was going to happen soon.
But now her and Bruce are together again, and they can finally shred that standing power of attorney Bruce had kept on file from when Tara and I were just kids.

Friday the 13th.
Derek had to work so Austin joined me with Sarah and Matt for a haunted Scavenger hunt.
There was some miscommunication and I thought we are were going to be matching but it ended up just being Austin and I.  They were all going to wear jerseys and be players, I am Coach Petke.

 It was a super fun night!

Saturday Oct. 14
Veterans Run and chili cook off

Monday Oct. 16
Elise turned 4!

Wednesday Oct. 18
BXC at state!
 First time ever that the drum line came out to send us off.
 We went down early as to not stress anyone out so everyone took a nap.

 It was a great race for both teams.

And some team photos..
We're small but mighty!

 I'm going to miss these seniors...
Thursday Oct. 26 Awards Banquet

Elise came to practice at WSU with me and she thought we were going to Tennessee.

It's that time of year where Ragnar like to hid under blankets. 

Friday Oct. 27
Co-worker pedis at the ATC.

Tuesday Oct. 31
Halloween Run