Friday, September 30, 2011

Holy Mole-y!

Wow, I totally thought that I would have more time to devote to this in a step-almost-by-step ordeals with the wedding planning. Then school happened and much of my life has been sucked in staring at the computer screen because one teacher felt it best to use an e-textbook. Of course I can print it off, but for some reason it prints off soooo tiny that it’s best to just read it online. You spend hours trying to read something in this small of print!!!! Anyways.. here’s some updates!

INVITES: have FINALLY been mailed!!!! And that is all I am going to say on the matter. P.S. stuffing envelopes apparently works your tri-ceps more than I thought!

D├ęcor: I have an “on site” with my lady this Saturday, aka tomorrow, to go over details. Which thank goodness because I was starting to stress since I hadn’t heard from her in a while!

More Photos: JeNae helped us do a “zombie” shoot with my best friend Kristy and her bf Chris as the zombies. They rock like that! We were laughing the whole time and I think we got some pretty cool shots that we put on an insert in the invites. All I can hope is that people get a kick out of as mush as we do! ( I will try to post another slide show, hopefully tonight or tomorrow depending on homework).

My AMAZING Luck! If planning a wedding was like gambling.. I would be a millionaire! I say this because I have had some amazing luck when it comes to venders of wedding-ness. First I get a killer deal on the photography (see below), then I get tons of discounts on pretty much everything else- mainly the announcements! The best part is.. *drum roll pleas* A PHOTOBOOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That also does video recordings 
All because I go to those bridal shows, mainly for free cake and other food, but it doesn’t hurt winning either 
That and I also give a lot of credit to tithing.

Bridals: Are done! I got a bridal session with my photo pgk along with the copyright release to all the photos. Now I'm just waiting on the disk to get here so I can print off some of the funny pictures. I got 5 8x10's in the mail already.. but i want more smaller ones lol we went to the international peace gardens in SLC and my most awesome sister, sister in law (Kris) and best friend (Shaun)and mom were there to help.. and i needed it with that poofy dress of mine! p.s. i think that I personally aerated the entire park with my heels!

We pretty much have everything else good to go, just need to pick up my center pieces that I think are pretty clever if I must add. And that is basically wrap this up, my break from homework is over and the slave driver is cracking his whip! Bah!!! I just have to get reminding myself of the following…: Master’s Degree= Higher Pay Grade, Master’s Degree= Higher Pay Grade, Master’s Degree= Higher Pay Grade…