Monday, September 22, 2014


"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.  We are spiritual beings having a human experience." ~Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

September 9
Jordan River Temple Trip
I like how it makes Kris look like she's wearing a crown.

So tonight we were doing sealings, a few family names but mostly temple provided names. We were in there with 3 other people, so when it came our turn to do some names the temple worker asked how we wanted to do the family names. Since they were male names, me and Derek were the parents while my brother was the sons so we both could be apart of the family sealings.  
After the end of the children being sealed to their parents, I felt the spirit burn so strongly it was if I almost couldn't breathe. The joy I felt in that room as that family was finally reunited after all these years was immeasurable. We sat back down and as everyone else was engaged in more sealings, I felt the spirit so strongly again, and it impressed in my mind that it was my Grandpa Nelson- my dad's dad whom passed away when I was a baby. 
The feelings that spoke to my heart in those moments, told me just how much he loves my Grandma and my dad. It was overwhelming, I cried on the way home.
We had to stop at my folks to get my things (it was easier to change at their house after practice than go back and forth) I hugged my dad and told him what I felt. It was one of the best times I've ever had in the temple and I'm so grateful to have this eternal knowledge of families being together, and that one day I'll be able to hang out with all this family I've never known and never be separated from them again.

Bonus: Norman H. Bangerter was the sealings coordinator for the evening and spoke with us briefly while we waited on Derek to find a tie.
Is he the same former Utah GOV. Bangerter? We may never know...

September 17
Constitution Fair, Bountiful
For at least the past few years, a group called Freedom's Light ( has held a Constitution Fair in Bountiful.  And for the past few years we have taken the kids down there for a field trip.  It has never disappointed us!
We saw/listened to stories from:
Joan of Arc
Christopher Columbus
The Mayflower
Stories of the singers of the Declaration of Independence
Stories from ladies role playing females who were "heroes"
Thomas Jefferson
George Washington 
Mountain Man
Descendant from someone who came through Ellis Island
USAF Col. RET. Jack, WWII fighter pilot

Plus activities to test your knowledge on the Constitution and other activities that the kids enjoyed.
Mr. Jack...
He shared stories of when he was a fighter pilot in WWII, stories that broke my heart and don't want to repeat because they were just so cruel (the Germans that is). He flew over 120 missions, and NOT ONCE did any of his airplanes get even a single bullet hole- this he attributed to his faithfulness of still following church standards.  He got over 10,000 hours of fly time.  He learned how to play the trumpet (which he played a little jazz for us-amazingly well too!) and was never without it during his deployment. He played a part in training the Tuskegee Airmen, sharing stories of just how amazing those men were and how he wish he could have some of them fly in his squadron. 
He has ALL of his OWN teeth, doesn't need glasses, doesn't have any of those lil tremors that someone pushing 95 years would have, he moves around pretty quickly and has an IRON grip (he made sure he walked around and shook everyone's hand- he said "that's what happens when you milk cows all your life"). He shared with the students how important it is to live a positive lifestyle and to make right choices- that's how he has the "blood of a 20-year-old".
He worked at the Pentagon and at NASA (both FL & CA locations).  He was on the board that picked Armstrong and Aldrin.  He spent time with all the engineers, making sure that everyone was happy.  He was picked to go on that weekend's honor flight, but because he knew some of the other veterans were worse off than he is, they should go first and he'll wait for next year- because he's "as healthy as a horse!"
At the end of his story time allotted, the students each took to shake his hand again and thank him for his service.  When it came to my turn, he clasped my hand with both of his.  I asked him if he ever met or knew a Gordon Loose while working for NASA, he was Canadian but with American citizenship. Jack said he doesn't remember names but remembers working with some Canadians.  Then Jack decided that he worked with my Grandpa so that he (Jack) could have that honor.  I of course started to tear up again and he kissed my hand! I asked if I could get a photo with him and he practically pulled me off my feet with how TIGHTLY he held me to his side.
What an AMAZING person.  I am so lucky that I got the chance to meet such an inspiring individual and hear his stories before he returns to our Father in Heaven and re-joins his wife (whom he gives credit for the reason why his lip muscles are so strong to keep playing the trumpet).

September 21
Ogden Temple Re-dedication 
(Not my photo, from the

My third Temple dedication & Derek's second.
Isn't President Monson so amazing? I think he's the best speaker I've ever listened to. Before he even got started he just smiled, looked around the room and gasped in awe and commented on just how beautiful the House of the Lord is.
It was an amazing ceremony!
We're excited to get to work and see the inside of our temple :)
Crazy to think that after all the temple's we've visited this year and over our lifetimes.
How lucky are we that we have a Temple within minutes of our home!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Odds & Ends..

Because I rather use this outlet rather than scrap-booking...

My new favorite 5:30am torture obsession:
Harder than a spin class, thus the instructor says...

Cute Ragnar sneaking dropped food from the babies.

8/12 RSL vs Club Tijuana
Finally had our schedules meet up for a home game. 
It was a great game although the visiting team has EXTREMELY poor sportsmanship. 
We got down there earlier than we thought, but that's ok.
We got the best parking spot.

After dropping Derek off for his hiking trip I got stuck in the mud.  Dressed to go to the Logan temple afterwards, I had to take off my shoes and skirt to get my way out (I was out in the sticks no worries?).  Gathering sticks and rocks to put in the mud by the tires, I was able to get the Xterra un-stuck.
 Trip to a river to wash off the mud and all was well again.

Here is cute Ragnar again, already chasing squirrels. 

Rick's Springs in Logan Canyon.
Don't drink it.

Mud still on the Xterra after getting home.

Service project with the BXC team: Trail clean up!

Pudding and TMNT with Tyler and Kris

12.5 inches later...

Free dinner at Ruby River. 
Our faces after listening to some of the conversations around us- 
also Pirate faces.

Because everyone needs a photo like this

Labor Day at Lindquist Field to watch the Raptors play!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Year's Not Over...

I've still have a few months left in the year so why not keep adding to the overall total? 
Granted now that school is back in session I'll have less time to read :(

The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Baker
pg. 352
Every female should read this book! It's AMAZING! Wish I had read it when I was still single and living on my own, would have solved a few issues a whole lot faster!

Girls on the Edge: The 4 factors driving the new crisis for girls sexual identity, the cyberbubble, obsessions, environmental toxins by Leonard Sax
pg. 272

Anyone who has a little girl NEEDS to read this book! So much information to keep in mind while rising your girls, esp when they are turning into teenagers.
Untamed (House of Night #4) by P.C. Cast
Again, half the book can be basically skipped due to the repeated-ness of it all.
But after reading this book, I'm more interested in learning about some of the Native American folk-lore that the book refers to. So almost in a way, if you really stretch it, this book could be very cultural enlightening.

The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier
pg. 267
Lakeside read this book last school year and the way the Sherrie reacted to it made me even more curious about it.  It's been on my to-read list for a VERY long time, and now I've read it.

The Iron Butterfly (Iron Butterfly #1) by Chanda Hahn
pg. 265
Same author as the Unfortunate Fairy Tale Series, but since book 1 was free I gave it a go.
So much better than the other series, even though the main's are teenagers and they have hormones and well, are teenagers.  But still, this book was worth it.
 I'm nervous to invest into book 2 because book 2 of the Fairy Tale series was a let down and a waste. Other books will be read in the mean time.

Boys Adrift by Leonard Sax
pg. 288
Just like Girls on the Edge, SO GOOD! If you have boys you need to read this book!
Gives some really good insight into how young boys work. Also some good advice when it comes to school time. After discussing some of the topics in the book with Derek, I'm fairly certain that if we have boys, we're going to not let them start school until 7 years old.
And I really want to find a Waldkingdergarten aka Forest Kindergarden.  
They have them in Germany. Just need to find one like it here..

55 + 6= 61 Books/ 52
19,258 + 217 pages of a book a didn't want to finish + 1,782 = 21,257 Pages

Another book I tried to read but wimped out on: 
Faith of Our Fathers: A House Divided Volume 1 by N.C. Allen
pg. 458
Local LDS author so I decided to give it a go.
I have a VERY hard time with books that just keep adding the same amount of information as if I'm dumb and can't remember what they already wrote (Derek can confirm this). The House of Night Series is a great example, however, I can easily skim through that and not miss anything.  This book is harder due to the fact I'm nervous that I actually might miss something relevant. 
It's not due to the lack of action in the book either, I can handle that. 
It's all the unneeded fluff I can't handle.
I DID like the many points of view from the different characters, however it felt like the Southern slave owners were not typical Southern salve owners 1860's.  
Granted I know not all slave owners were super horrid to their slaves, but this family in the book seemed to flip-flop too much.
Maybe I'll try again later... I only got 217 pages into it.

Monday, September 1, 2014


Friday August 29th 
Date Night to The Leonardo with Tyler and Kris
to see Body World's Animals Inside Out
using our Visit SLC Connect Pass...
(Both of which are TOTALLY worth it!)

First we had to show them this lil gem..
 Then walking around the SLC Library, saw this on the outside restroom door..

So hard to get photos without all the glare..

They looked like spun cotton candy...

 I looked inside of this Giraffe's heart and it was pretty grody.. just sayin..

 The body is truly amazing isn't it?
 I loved seeing the original Body World in Vegas while going to SUU.
Best field trip ever!
The library has a documentary on how they do this to bodies..
way neat-o!

 I'm trying to convince Derek to let me get a 
giant photo of a doughnut or cookie
to hang in the house..
We'll see..
We had a pretty "sweet" date! :)