Thursday, July 27, 2017

Yellowstone 2017

Yellowstone 2017 via Jordan.
Fair warning.. some videos might make you sick or dizzy watching but Jordan is very proud of them.
Only his smaller videos were able to upload but Derek will make a complete video out of all them for him... eventually. 
Here we go!
 I drove this trip so Derek could sleep and use his new camera.
 Precious huh? 
The mystery animal...

Our spot 6 years later and back to under lots of water..

Terrace Springs
Gibbon Falls
Mamma grizzly and 2 cubs..

Jordan got really "artistic" with the fire.  He's very proud of the zoom.

Jordan showing around our camp...

Morning time at camp...

Osprey nest, the little babies bobbing their heads in and out of the nest.
Lots of water this year meant epic waterfalls and cascades.

Mud bubbles.

Spastic Geyser

Jordan was not a fan of any of the steam vents or hot pots because of the smell...

Black Bear

Scraggly sheep...

More healthy sheep and epic rams...


Lots of rain...
We got to watch Beehive go off and then Old Faithful.
Jordan wanted his arms tied...

Jordan trying to eat an apple without his mouth, then teeth, then I don't know he was just being weird while stuck in an animal jam.

Nugget vs Middle Tennessee part 3- Shaun day 1

Thursday June 22, 2017
After a very rainy run at Bowie park, Shaun came and picked me up for 2 days of adventures with her in Nashville.
First stop, downtown Nashville and music row.. 

We agreed that Taylor Swift looks a bit creepy in this mural..
Super old chapel.  We wanted to go inside but the church was charging $15!

Behold music row.. it's basically a couple of blocks of just bars with live music.
Not very impressive.
Bridgestone Arena, home of the Nashville Predators.. past here are a bunch of museums and "hall of fame" stuff.
More music row.. and our umbrella. 
FYI you have to pay for parking EVERYWHERE!
Water front..
Nissan Stadium where the Tennessee Titans play, and where the USMNT played later that week.
Mural art..

Peg Leg Porker for lunch. So, so good!
Shaun got the Soul Potato aka nachos with fires. 
I got the BBQ sandwhich with smokey green beans
O.M.G. so good! Well, the one thing I could eat, I did get Paul and Sammie some fancier chocolates they had to eat after I was gone, and they said they were divine.  I wish I bought more of these!

FYI if you park here and then stamp your parking ticket, you get 1.5 hrs free! Which came in handy when we toured the library and then walked over to tour the capitol. Definitely saved us money!
Seriuosly.. so glad we stopped here. There was an art gallery which the exhibit at this time was secret stories of Nashville, which led us to adventure to the cemetery later.
Marble everywhere...
View from one of the front reading rooms.. straight to the capitol.
The Grand Reading Room. Oh... oh.. 
Cool mural looking out.. 
Super old books..
And I touched them all!!!
Sign in the bathroom.. 

After walking out the massive front doors and walking about 2 blocks, we came to the War Memorial Auditorium. All wars other than WWII and Civil War were represented here (The other parks have those). WWI..

"In Memory of the Sons of Tennessee, who gave their lives in The Great War 1914-1918".
Panels of all the lives sacrificed..

Tennessee State Captiol.. which is super tiny!

President Jackson Statue.
Tennessee Senate room.. and I touched everything!
House of Rep. room.

Senators' lounge..
this staircase.. I feel in love! 

Mount Olivet Cemetery
Lots of Civil War veterans lay in rest here.
A Harry Potter funny.. Potter with Riddle behind.

Confederate Memorial

Story from the library that inspired us to come here and find this grave. 

Confederate Memorial Hall

There were pictures with stories along the walls of Generals who are buried in the cemetery.

Burger Up for dinner (and sonic shakes for dessert!)
Really fresh. Really good. Sweet potato fries could use some help though.