Saturday, December 8, 2012


Fall is now over it seems.. it's too dang cold!
So to re-cap what has been going on.. I give you
The Fall Summary!
Not that exciting but the past few months have been so crazy!
Let's start with BXC

From June to November I was an assistant coach to
Bonneville High School's Cross Country team
and I have loved every minute of it! Even though I wasn't paid.. I loved
getting to know all these kiddos!
The team had a great season, the boys taking Region V title 2 years in a row!
They also took State Runner up 2 years in a row.. we tied for State this year and it came
down to the 6th man.

The best part was going to AZ for NXN-the team paid for me to come down with them
and even though the bus ride was long and painful.. I wouldn't trade in that
weekend for anything!
Me and 2 other parents ran in the first race, our team
Ye Ol' Lakers
placing 3rd!

The boys did well also..
9th place out of the top 40 teams from 5 states!
Plus we beat Ogden High school so that was awesome!
Overall it was a great weekend and I am so glad that I get to stay on for indoor track!
SO I raced A LOT this year.. 10 events.. not all of them were for time.
But my best time is year was at the Zoo Run..
20:50.. but since it was short.. I say 22 flat.
This is happens when Uncle Austin comes home..
Cheesecake factory and Haunted Forest..
Austin's friend Alex made the haunted forest so much fun!

Canadian Thanksgiving..
Weber State vs. Montana!
Guess who won? :)
Isn't my dad such a cute lil ball boy?
He's the one who hooked us up with tickets!
Derek's Birthday Dinner

Eating 1 year old cake :)

Holy Smokes before Austin left..

 While we were in St. George, The Hardings/Johnsons let us crash at their house..
so we took them to Red Robin..

And this is what happens when you play "HORSE" with Leslie..

Ignore the yellow arrows.. but yes,
there is a half centimeter hole in my
Talus thanks to my Tibia.
That's the root of my ankle pain and lucky me I get to have surgery
to fix it. I want to do it ASAP because then I can
get healing faster and start training for next year's race season.
Derek however, has become more and more normal. I hope that at his
next doctor's app they will us some good news- news that says
he doesn't have to have another radiation treatment done!
So I'm pretty sure that's everything.. maybe lol

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Night Before Derek Became.. INFECTED!!!!!!

The night before Derek got his radiation treatment, he went on a mini overnighter in Wheeler Creek. He took Ragnar with him.
 Turns out she was a little freak when it came to the leaves..
That's right.. he was packin heat!
Staged or Not? lol
 It's ok to be jealous of all of this.. :)
And this is where he ended up sleeping in.. it was a prety cold night. He tried using a hammack but alas.. it was no beuno.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Classic

On September 8th I ran The Classic 5k
I was getting sick the night before but it wasn't until the last mile that I really felt it.
Boy do I need to start using my inhaler again!
Derek was the best cheer-er too! Plus he took me to Sill's Cafe afterwards :)
Jordan ran the Kids 1k and was being all silly about it before hand
JeNae has more pics on her Blog..
The Classic went all out in our swag, but I think that coolest part was that they had
Leo The Lion from Real Salt Lake Soccer Team.
He came in on Life Flight and the guys who were doing security took their jobs
a little too seriously.. there wasn't anybody anywhere close to where the chopper was
going to land.
At the start of the 5k.. JeNae missed the shot of me jumping in the
air to give Leo a legit High 5 lol

After the end of the race I got my picture with Leo!
Miss Something-or-Another-With/From-Utah-Something-or-Another
was also there and did some face painting. You can check out JeNae's blog for the
rest of the pictures..
I think I did pretty well for not feeling well that day. I was getting upset after the race results
were posted becuase I couldn't see my name anywhere on the female lists..
I was infact listed under males lol
Bonus.. one of my former XC teammates ran the race and I finished
.6 seconds behind him.
Another race to run again! Healthy too (later that night full blown sicky kicked in).

Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Sundae Run!

I Scream..
You Scream..
We ALL Scream for ICE CREAM!!!!
That's right.. me & Jordan ran for ice cream at the
First Annual Sundae Run
at This is the Place Park!
The webiste event link below:
Derek is the best supporter ever! I had to tell him
to tone down the cheering :)

Coming into the finish with Jordan running me in..
FYI: the course was either UPhill or DOWNhill..
the end was the only flat-ish part..
My calves were a burnin!

Enjoying my Ice Cream Sundae I totally earned!

This was even after he was running around crazy while I was out on my race..
and doing push ups..
and sprinting the course 2x!
The annoucer said "Look out! We have a future Olypmian here!"
as Jordan jumped over the cement blocks around the course.

Us with our Finisher's Ice Cream Bowls..
Jordan got the frisbee for coming in First.. we think..
we didn't see any other kids with one..

I think Jordan used up ALL the spinkles!!!
Here is Jordan finishing the Dash!
This is for sure a race that will be done annually!
Even though it wasn't timed I still tried to use it to measure
where I'm running at to adjust my training for
the Save-A-Sister Run in October..
Their Catch Phrase was: No Timing Chips just Chocolate Chips!
FAIL! There were no chocolate chips lol

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Most of the Year 2012.. Cuz I have been Lazy &/or Busy!

Yup.. The title speaks the truth..
Once School was out for summer school I thought I was going to have more time..
Then I started Assistant Coaching Bonneville High's Cross-Country team..
Where did my summer vaca go?!
At least Davis School District doesn't start til Sept 4th :)
Ok so, short captions with the pictures because let's face it, it's going
to be a big post!

Busted finger when I was making a cake for the my classroom Feb Birthdays..

Me & my s.i.l. Kris putting our wedding dresses to good use with her sisters! Btw.. Kris is preggers!
We were all in our wedding dresses.. well except for one of her sister's cuz she's not married yet..
But soon I hope!

I turned 27.. and had cheesecake & Waffle cookies!

Spent my 27th bday down in St. George Hiking. This was the Cinder Cone Volcano:
Bryan & Dani came with us & were super awesome to let us stay with them!

Derek made some Volcano salsa..

One cannot not go to St. George w/o hitting up some Zions!
RubySnap Cookies even made their way to Zions!
Top of Observation Point.. my fav hike with my fav person!

Dinner of course had to follow! Dani & Bryan...
Leslie & Shay..
Cory & Allie..
Justin *Shakes fist*.. I'm glad I have such great friends still down in St. G!

Golden West 5k for Schools group photo! No Boot on the foot this year!

Me & Jax.. he lasted about 5 minutes "jogging" with me & then we waited for JeNae where he finished with her & Madison. My ankle was feeling great so I ran the rest of the way.

Baby Thalia Jade Nelson! Tyler & Kris's #3.. to me she has now established her own face, whereas before she was looking alot like her sisters!

Weenie Roasting @ our house.. Sonja was such a goof ball when it came to Ragnar..
One must see the re-enactment in person..

Look at this cute lil cheeseball! Bryners!

Remember that horrid accident? I was at the open house air show out @ base with my dad & some of the kiddos (check JeNae's blog for pics.. then I left to go to a graduation at YHA.  When I left I felt prompted to go get gas @ Smiths.. I didn't need gas.. but luckily I listened & witnessed this. So glad for my emgerancy responder training! I took care of the lil girl until they sent her off. I left when LifeFlight came (fire trucks blocked me in so that was fun) & cried to my mom on the phone. Luckily there were so many helpful people there to help get the truck up enough so EMT's, Firefighters, & Police Officers could get the Mom out & taken care of!

Disneyland! Me & Derek's Collection :)
Check JeNae's blog for all the cute pics!
Madison "Chell! One with Me & Derek!" She's so cute! Everyone loves to cuddle with
Uncle Derek!
Sun burn+ walking around for a few days in the parks= Where's Aunt Chell's Knee?
Holly Swelling Batman!

Firehouse Pizza in Logan.. BEST EVER!!!

Legit sign @ the Logan Temple.. Seriously..
Playing in Ragnar's doghouse.. Jordan was on the second level and I couldn't get a picture of him :(

On our way to Military Night @ the Rodeo! That's Jordan's bunny ears..
Yup.. Jordan got a trophy! Jaxson came in close behind in Muttin' Bustin'!
Again, check JeNae's blog for video & more pics of all the Clegg Boys!

After a hot & sweaty night @ the Rodeo!
And now some weddings.. btw.. I still have 2 more friends in October who are
getting hitched! October is a great month to wed is it not? :)

Tara got MARRIED!

Dani got MARRIED!

Angie got MARRIED!

Me & Cassie in the Tabernacle while Angie & Logan were taking pics with their parents..
who sing in the Tab Choir thus the pics in front of the pipes.. SSSSSHHHHHH- I touched one lol

Legit Team Shirts :) I'm all offical.. first meet is this Friday @ the Highland Invite..

Time to make a t-shirt blanket.. these are mostly from 2010..
24 shirts..
That would've been almost doubled if I didn't have that dang ankle injurty in 2011..
But it's ok.. Starting this Saturday MY fall racing begins with doing the
Sundae Run with Jordan :)

Whew! That's it.. for now..

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Start of Married Adventures...

So over Christmas break we were lucky enough to have a week off together- which we haven't had that much time together since the honeymoon, or even before we were even engaged! So Derek got the "itch" and we planned a trip out to Copper Mtns so he could go rock hounding (his brother Ryan came along as well).  Derek was kinda disappointed with the turn out of rocks, however, Ragnar had the time of her life!
This would be her teasing Derek because she had no problem on the rocky slopes!
Well, the antelope used to play here..
Derek happy camper :)
Hungry anyone? Had a hard time keeping this away from Ragnar
Me & Ragnar in front of a mine.. isn't she so cute?!
Danger Cave... it's gated off.. take a guess why..
 Danger Cave again..

She sat herself down on the loose gravel slope to keep an eye on me & Derek.
We will go back to Danger Cave when it's light outside, there's so many more caves to check out that are not gated off. It was a fun day trip, so glad we were able to take advantage of the freakishly warm weather!