Sunday, March 19, 2017

February 2017

The month of February 2017

Yeti Bash 2017

 Lisa came with me. 
 Lisa works for the fire department and she knew some of the guys there and got one of them to take this photo for us ontop of the firetruck. 
 Scruds for dinner.
We weren't that impressed. I'll only go back to take Jordan to try out the burger challenge. 

Read this forever long book.. 800 pages with compacted print. Pretty sure it's the longest book I've read. The Count may have more pages, but the print was bigger. If Aztec was printed the same as The Count it would have a high page count. 
 Ragnar's head for scale. 

Superbowl tradition with Kris, food and painting!

Got Ragnar this hamburger stuffy since we were going out of town for basically 2 weeks.
 When Derek tried to take it away from her she took it into her kennel.

Derek got fascinated by my small feet one night.
He's a weirdo sometimes.

Ragnar missed me a lot (Derek not so much).
She took up the whole bed and wouldn't leave when Derek got home from work.