Saturday, July 23, 2016

Definitely Competitive

Ragnar Wasatch Back 2016
Team Definitely Competitive

Van #1
JeNae Clegg
Cali Storer
Sarah Woack
James Clegg
Dave Clegg

Van #2
Brit Van Dyke
Vaun Perkins
Karlee Trease
Travis Thyfault
Mandy Perkins
Jen Jensen

Pre-Ragnar Party
 Free Costa Vida!

Morning of: Start time 6:15 am

Cali always needs chocolate cake and a diet coke..
No matter the time of day!

Ready to get started! Cali was off somewhere talking to loads of people..

Some bulls thought to join the party.. the runners used our truck for portection while we yelled and honked at them to get off the road. Also that guy used the older women as a human shield until the cows were gone..

 Top of Avon Pass..

 I went right for the doughnuts right after my first leg..
Hanging out at Snow Basin while for Jen to come in. 
You'll notice Jordan is in the mix.. JeNae hurt her knee on her first leg so my Dad brought Jordan over to save the day. Kid was over the moon!!
Driving down Trappers Loop.. Jordan was super excited to ride in the back of the truck 

Jordan's first leg was at night and he was more than excited to wear all the safety gear..
And once he was done he was out like a light!
Jen finishing her 2nd leg..

 Kept running into Leslie and her team on Saturday, it was awesome!

How I felt after my last leg..
5 miles of incline in the heat.  
On paper this leg looked just fine, it didn't communicate the steepness of some of those hills. 
Jen's last leg and the final leg into the finish line, had 3 miles added onto it for some reason.
But that only happened to teams who finished in the afternoon..
3 miles in the heat, on rolling hills...
Jen was a beast all weekend long!

Video of our finish.  
We had talked over and over about WALKING to the finish.. but somehow that didn't happen.. 
Well I still walked.

 Dairy Keen at the end like always!
Jan and Bill are the best!
Check out that tan line..
also got killer lines from my tank top.. 

 Such a great weekend! We always have the best people on our team!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

June 2016

The Month of June

June brought about the end of school and the end of my employment for 
Davis School District.
5 years at the group home + 1 year at North Davis Jr High = 6 years!
A student brought me one of these candy bars every day the last week of school.  He said it was a "lucky guess" that he got my favorite candy bar! I had another student who also brought me a vanilla coke everyday that last week too- he had inquired what my favorite soda was back around Christmas, kid's got a steel trap in that noggin!
 Guys, I'm in a yearbook! The first but not my last!

Since Jordan can't go with us to Yellowstone anymore because he's going to scout camp, Derek and his brother took them on a little backpacking trip.  More deets in another post after we comb through the 2000 photos Jaxson took..
Ragnar was left behind, she didn't like it. 
 Look how cute they are!

First Friday Art Stroll in Ogden...
 Then Sweet-o Burrito for dinner..
 Then Antelope Island for a Ranger campfire with stories, singing, and s'mores!

The birds were so chatty, it was wonderful!

Summer Treat... frozen yogurt with raspberries and white chocolate.

Math game that makes your brain hurt if you're out of practice..
 Ragnar being a smarty pants..

Derek went on a short backpacking trip through farmington

I became a big girl..

This face..

First Pineview run/swim of the summer! 
Ragnar loved being with the team and getting them wet!

 Such a happy puppy!

Watched the Clegg Kids.. no facial injuries this time.
Jordan refused to go to his own bed to sleep..
Ellie insisted on smelling her feet throughout the night..

Culture date night!
Urban Arts Gallery at the Gateway.  It's free to go in and check out the art and they have art items for sale.  We bought a really cool alphabet book, I was actually surprised Derek wanted it.
I was going to get a miniature one of these guys but decided to wait until another time when I have a book shelf to put it on.
The exhibit that was at the gallery at this time was called "Thoughts on Perspectives",
I would like to think this one was "Thinking with your heart".
Then to the Clark Planetarium for Light-speed Lectures!
We listened to:
Anil Seth, astronomy professor at U of U about his work in black-holes.
Twila Schneider, NASA's Space Launch System Program person and she talked about the Orion mission and the Mars program. She brought fun handouts/crafts!!
Butch Wilmore, NASA Astronaut! He was so nice and friendly, answered all of Derek's questions and even made jokes with him.  
After the lectures we moved into the IMAX theater where Kent Rominger, NASA 5-Time Shuttle Astronaut talked to everyone and then we watched the Planetarium's new movie A Beautiful Planet 3D which was so cool! It had a lot of footage that Butch had taken on the ISS.
Best part of the night: it was FREE!!!
Butch Wilmore was so happy to pose for a photo with me!

Books Read:
The Song of Hiawatha by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
World War Z by Max Brooks
Hunt For Jade Dragon #4 by Richard Paul Evans
Storm of Lightning #5
The Vampire Prince #6 by Darren Shan
Outlander #1 by Diana Gabaldon
Deeply Odd #6 by Dean Koontz