Sunday, June 12, 2016

Memorial Day

Derek's family was in town for Memorial Day Weekend,
so they joined us on a hike to Flag Rock.  Granted Flag Rock is more in honor for those lives given during the 9/11 attack- from the bottom of the valley floor to the top of the flag is the same elevation that the rescue workers and firefighters had to climb to save lives. 

Jordan came with us to "practice hiking" before he goes on his backpacking trip with Derek this weekend. 

 "In Memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives and our children."

 Want to know where to find Utah's state flower the Sego Lilly?
Farmington Canyon is a good spot!
 Frosted lemonades was a great post-hot & sweaty hike treat!

Later we had a BBQ at Tyler's house for my dad's birthday.  It was great fun!

Hippie Hiking

My friend Andrea & I have started a new type of hiking for the summer..
Hippie Hiking.

It's basically hiking, but we take our yoga mats to do some yoga along the way.
Our first Hippie Hike was to Angry Waterfalls.  It felt so good to stretch out after the hike, and just relax by the river.  The dogs of course love any kind of hiking...
The waterfalls were very vexed that day.. the rushing of the water was so loud that when we got back to the end that is a little bit farther away from the river, a whole new quite and peace was waiting for us.
Hippie Hiking was a success!

Had to river cross a few times.. 

 Such a goofy photo!

 How could you not love this face!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

May 2016

The Month of May

Ogden Nature's Center Fly with the Flock and their bunny on a leash..

The Brynners looking (and sounding) more and more like our cousin Andrea every day.. especially when she smiles.. this is the best she gave me.. all other smiles were some form of weird.. lol

Ragnar likes to snuggle with Derek's laptop..

Dino 5k in Vernal requires road trip cookies!
 Graduation Dino looks creepy at night
 The sign says to not leave your children unattended by the fire.
1st in age group 7th gender overall. Getting my 5k time down FINALLY.
Reward for doing a scavenger hunt in #VernAl

JeNae ran the Ogden Half with Calli and Dave.

Broke in our dutch oven and the Nelson's fire pit..
S'Mores as appetizers.. 

When you don't have the right tools yet, Kris will make you some
Blow torching the bacon for extra crispy-ness 

Ran in another 5k.. I'm finally at a point where my time is coming down post-surgery.  I still have 6 minutes I want to cut off but I'm so happy to finally see progress!
Mt. Green/Enterprise up by Morgan..

 Literally breakfast of champions.. 
 My 1st place Female Overall plaque basically says I can have those cookies for breakfast.
(But it's not too brag worthy since most of the girls were doing the 10k & Half Marathon options)

Books Read:
Run Like A Girl by Mina Samuels
The Night Circus by Erin  Morgenstern
The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling
Vampire Mountain #4 by Darren Shan
Hunted #6 by Kevin Hearne
The Maelstrom #4 by Henry H. Neff

Murval Day 4

Saturday April 2
The last day..

Sadly, the final day came..
We went to the cemeteries we briefly visited yesterday for more in-depth observation.  It was really cool to see grave sites for some of America's first veterans! And you'll never see anything older unless you go overseas, crazy to think about that!

Born in Scotland!

First black mayor of Maryville

"Thou Knowest"
Born in Jamaica?

Once we were done there, we went back to the house to gather up my things and then we were off on one last Tennessee adventure.. Red Clay State Park.  The drive proved something to be of an adventure in of itself!
More state lines were crossed...

The Blue Spring where the Native American's would get water for their ceremonies. 

We hiked the Council of Trees Trail.. only a couple of miles though..

When nature inadvertently creates art...

After the park the drive back to Atlanta went too quickly, saying goodbye was hard.  I'm so grateful that I was able to spend such an amazing few days with some even more amazing people.  I have a drive to go back again, there were too many places left un-visited!