Sunday, September 3, 2017

Lean, Mean, Fat Boy Running Machine

Ooooooodles of photos

Ragnar Relay North West Passage
Team Sponsor: Fat Boy Ice Cream
FYI: the background of this photo was my second leg.. ran at night..

July Wednesday 12
 Early leave to head up to Cami's house to stay the night in Issaquah.
But first, brunch in Boise with Kris (Clegg's older Sister) at The Griddle.
Best biscuits and gravy ever!
Lots of snoozing in the van...

 Dinner at The Ram
Oh my heavens such a great burger!!! Bonus they had the USMNT game on .

Thursday July 13
After breakfast and an bit of a fashion show from Cami's girls, we headed off to Seattle.

 Pikes Place Market
Timmy's photo

The Space Needle

 The Gum Wall
The boys wouldn't go near it.

The Oyster Bar
 Timmy's Photo
Oyster shots

 Fire house.

Packet Pick up in our safety gear.
There was a Winco right by our hotel so we were able to get some fresh foods for the relay and some Beaver Buzz (it's a Canadian energy drink, it's hilarious & "Damn Good"). 
 Went to dinner as a team to Old World Deli
to which I almost died via cross-contamination. AFTER I asked about all their ingredients and their cross-contamination practices. Food was really good. Too bad I paid $10 for a sandwich I couldn't eat.
This is Brendy pretend stabbing me with her epi-pen. But for reals she gave me some benadryl which saved the day, and while the rest of the team hung out at the swimming pool in the hotel, I drugged up some more and went to sleep.

Friday June 14th
Van 1 at the starting line.

Race time.  Our Van

 Timmy, Steve, James, Dave, Me, JeNae.

Wendy (foreground) James, JeNae, Steve, Me, Timmy, Brendy.
 Exchange between vans. Kent coming in, Dave going out.

Kent and Wendy

 Can we take a moment to enjoy them calf muscles :)
 Waiting to cheer on JeNae.

Waiting to cheer on James.. and chase this runner down with water.

James passing off to Timmy.
 Steve is out now.. he got lots of farmers fields.
 He really wasn't that happy about the views lol
Exchange back to van 1.

Night legs. JeNae and I somehow scored a free shower at an exchange before getting a few hours sleep before running our second legs at night.

 Gotta represent when you're in Sounders, Timbers, and Whitecaps territory.
Timmy's sweet view of Deception Pass.. 

Saturday July 15th
Dave's last leg.. gotta get all the good angles..

 How Dave felt about his last leg.. edited of course.
While Dave climbed a a big hill.. we played on the beach.

 It's faint but to the left there's a road.. with Dave running up it.
Waiting for my last leg..

 Coming in for some water...
 Lots of trees... and lots of hills..
JeNae's last leg
We enjoyed this tree..
My favorite magnet on our van that was stolen :(

More beach waiting for JeNae to come in and James to go out.

Bunnies everywhere.
The back glows in the dark.

Free air freshener much needed.
Ferry ride off the island..
oh the drama that occurred.. here's what happened via the debate on Facebook.
FYI they really did cut the line right before the ticket area and there really was residents in the two separate  cars behind us that were very upset and did talk to our van while on the ferry, thanking us.
I won't post all of it, but Dave was very diplomatic with his response, which I think put an end to it because the troll didn't respond.  Also when we got to the ticket agent and told them of the line cutters, they had already known about it so we really weren't the only ones who turned them in.
p.s. it still would've been easier for them to just go to the back of the line and waited correctly then driving all the way around. 

Kent licking Wendy.

Dave being all salty in my selfie with the ocean.

 Again, I would like to draw your attention to the calf muscle...
 Yay for JeNae's selfie stick!
Team dinner!

 Eventually Timmy & I got our ice cream.
 And Dave tired the Beaver buzz.
 It wasn't that bad. 
Also helped Dave with his lines for his upcoming play.
We were laughing a lot and everyone else in the car stopped what they were listening to because this play is just so ridiculous. 
Dave is the one with the slicked back hair and black jacket

I tried to get all the funny things that were said during our trip, but when my phone gave up the ghost, I missed documenting a lot of jokes. Some of them might be repeated, I noticed some where missing so I had to through the mega group message to find the screenshots JeNae took.

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