Thursday, July 27, 2017

Nugget vs Middle Tennessee part 2- parks

Brace yourself for loads of photos...

Wednesday June 21
Centennial Park

Since it was the summer solstice, there were some astronomers out with their solar telescopes letting everyone enjoy them.  It was pretty cool.

And this lone reggae drummer..

There's an art museum inside but we chose to save money.  It's a giant statue of Athena inside.

Water bottle for scale.

Awesome swing benches everywhere.
And the magnolia trees..

Walkway of the Counties on the East side

North end of the park

The chimes played a different song every 15 minutes.
Names of singers and song writers who impacted music.

Tennessee State History walk on the west side. We started from the end and walked to the beginning of time...
It was really neat.  Every decade had a pillar and along the wall it listed things that were happening, quotes, population...

World War II Memorial

The Civil War... the granite wall was one long perfect wall until the Civil War.  They had the wall in blocks broken up and scattered. Tennessee was the last state to withdraw from the Union and the first to be restored.

A way awesome amphitheater.  

The South end you can see the State Capitol.
There was a giant to scale map of the state.


Elise's head for scale. She wanted to pick one and wear it.
Again with the columns.. 

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